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Merced county is an area with so many problems, it’s difficult to find where to start. Gang violence, poverty, homelessness, and lack of education are all encompassing. These issues were so normalized here that I was shocked when I moved away. I didn’t understand that life in other towns is inherently better. People are healthier, smarter, and happier in other places. In Merced, kids cannot play in the park, go on bike rides with friends, or even be downtown at nighttime without having to fear for their safety. The city council seems to have no desire to improve the living conditions here. Rent prices are high while wages remain low. Business leave one by one. A relative once described Merced to me as “like walking through a time machine.” The buildings, roads, houses, cars, and ideologies of the town are incredibly outdated. There is high potential here with it’s proximity to Yosemite, the coast, the mountains, and the bay area. Hopefully changes are in the near future.
Small/medium area. Great colleges, everything is cheap around here because of the valley. People commute from here to their work in the city which is an hour away at most. You can make good money in city and come back to valley where its cheap and save more.
Merced County is a nice and peaceful place to live in. The cost of living here is affordable and the quality is good. The County is split up into multiple different sections depending on your income. There's a rich side of town and a poor side of town; however, the people there are all friendly.
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Merced County is very small. There isn't much to do in the city. Outside of the city you can go hiking, go to Yosemite, fishing, and other nature stuff.
In my city there are too many students who don’t seem to care about their education or future studies. I wish we could see a better change in schools and to see them trying harder on education.
The thing I liked about Merced County was the fact that everybody was nice and respected each other. One thing I want to improve is the violence and crime that takes place.
Merced County is a really great place to live in, there's quite a lot of diversity, and it has great schools in my opinion, especially the school I go to which is El Capitan High School.
Merced is very nice up and upcoming. Merced is becoming a college town. However, there is no worry about huge parties or reckless students roaming the town. It is a very quiet city with a lot of new houses, restaurants, and entertainment being built constantly.
I have been a resident of Merced County for 17 years (since I was born). I live in Merced, California which is a middle sized town. I get to interact in the different areas of the town because I live in the western part of Merced, but I attend school way across town. Many people in this town believe it to be “boring” and the area that I live by “unsafe.” However, I believe that there’s been many renovations in the last years that have helped it become a better more safe town. With the creation of UC Merced (the newest 4-year college in California) the town has expanded. I believe that in a few years this will be a great college town where students and people can reside if they would like to experience what it is like to live in a smaller more calm town.
Honestly, a lot of people say that Merced does not have a lot to offer. The mall is pretty bad, we do not have much entertainment, and the gang activity here can get disturbing. However, I see Merced as the perfect place to focus on school and set up for the next chapter of your life after high school or after college if you choose to attend college here. I think that Merced being considered "boring" is a compliment because by being in this boring city, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and so have a lot of other students. In 10 years, Merced is going to look like a whole different city. We are going to have a new mall, there are tons of new houses being built, a new highway, and so much more.
Merced county has been an improving county and will be progressive during their time of building as a whole.
There is a lot I would love to change around the Merced county. There is a lot of gang violence in the community and the fact that I lost people to gang violence, and I feel as everybody is scared to say something or even try and change the environment. To be honest I am not scared of no gangs. I've been through the struggles and seen it all in front of me.Once I pursue my career and come back and change the community big time.There is also ton of homeless people in Merced I want to come back and have a center for them and not for just one night and get out and not for them to have limited spots. So much people are so quick to judge them and call them rude names and they don't even know half of their stories. Its deeper than that these people went through tough times and most haven't had the opportunities we had and I find that unfair and they should always have a second chance. My plan is to help them out and get them back on their feet and
I find Merced County filled with many interesting and friendly people. One thing I would change is the amount of thing Merced has to do. It always seems like there is nothing to do in Merced County; just another semi-rural city
Merced county is a great family friendly community. I live in Hilmar which in my opinion is a great place to live. I love the small town because I feel like I know everybody.
I have lived in Merced County for pretty much all of my life. Throughout my years, I've never really had bad experiences at school, during the evenings, and scared to go outside. Merced County is also very affordable and diverse. Since we live in the central valley, it's known to consist of a lot of races. However, Merced County has to be one of the top places. There's so many different types of people which helps all people get along with one another and learn about other types of people and their backgrounds.
Merced County is my home. I know my way around, I know the good parts about it and I know some bad parts. Overall, my experience with the Merced County is going okay. I see a lot of homeless people and I also encounter a lot of generous people. What is so good about it is that it is small and local. What is so bad about it is that there is not many things I can do with friends to have a good time.
I like that Merced County is filled with diversity. I wish the community was tighter and friendlier, ideally. I most importantly would like to see less homeless people. It is packed with homeless people and there should be more opportunities for them.
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There is a big community of fundamentalist, right wing Christians. They supported the ban on gay marriage, dressing their children as brides and grooms, standing them on street corners with signs that read “Marriage is between a man and a woman” right before both elections where Californians voted on this issue. They proclaim their love for Jesus, but their love for their fellow man is not always as obvious. And this comes in many flavors. There are churches galore here, but only small congregations of more liberal versions of Christianity. There is a Buddhist temple and a large Seikh population close by in Livingston.
Merced County isn't very well known between Modesto and Fresno but we do excellent at becoming bigger. It's a very tight community with families and small businesses. Even though our nightlife could be much better we do manage with traveling at times to do something with a little unique fun to it. Merced County is a great place to settle down with young kids and being in a well cared for community.
Merced can be a very calm town at times, however it can also be very dangerous if your at the wrong place at the wrong time. There are very dangerous neighborhoods where there lives lot's of gang members. At the same time there are a lot of homeless people that live in Merced county. Throughout the town you can see them walking around in public facilities, but some of them are completely harmless.
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