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Mayagüez Municipio Reviews

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Mayaguez is a great place for college students. The nightlife there is just amazing. Many nice hidden spots. There are a lot of food trucks near the university with a variety of choices on good, snacks and drinks
i like that have all accesible, malls,su[permarket,wallmart , drug stores,beauty slons ,movie theatres, and good restaurants, have transportation public services.
Too much alcohol, but overall a grate experience. As a students is affordable and everything is close to the University.
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What I like about living in Mayaguez, is the many opportunities it offers, after all, I'm living on one of Puerto Rico's main cities. With opportunities I referred to the many college options, since the UPR Mayaguez Campus to the CEM College. Also, most of the things needed for daily life can be found on the variety of supermarkets and shopping centers the city has, everything relatively near. There are also some public recreation areas, like "Parque Litoral", "Parque de los Próceres" and specialized for kids, "El Parque del Nuevo Milenio". However, I would like to see change the historic abandoned areas of the town, it would be perfect that investors and the government, work on them, to reopen them or to transform them into museums to foment tourism.
Mayaguez does not have many beautiful places as other towns here in Puerto Rico, but its people makes it better. Mayaguez's residents are friendly and so loving. Nightlife is not bad due to the fact that there are other universities and the students always gather up on weekends to take a break of the tiring week of classes.
Mayagüez is a small college community, filled with great people. There isn't that much to do, but the beaches are nearby and the sunsets are beautiful.
It' is a small town with a college feeling because of UPR-RUM. Also, need a car to move around. In addition, there is also a lot of churches.
Lived here my whole life. College town one of the biggest cities in Puerto Rico. Lot's of churches, good nightlife, drug and crime are kinda high. Above average for Puerto Rico's standard.
I was born in Mayaguez and came back home after many years. It is a very peaceful place to live. Of course, it depends of which area you reside. For the most part it doesn't have as much crime as the capital. Traffic can be heavy during school time but nothing too extreme. It had evolve tremendously during the years aesthetically speaking thanks to the current mayor.
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