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Retired here almost two years ago after having lived in the three counties south of Martin.

There is simply no comparison when you consider the congestion, quality of life and unobtrusive political environment. The world appears upside down these days with activists and compliant media looking to change all sorts of longstanding institutions. With no data with which to back up their cases.

From the (near) moment I arrived in Martin with a seamless, speedy and polite auto and license registration process in Hobe Sound to the friendly Publix and golf course staff, I have been completely satisfied with my decision to migrate north to saner pastures.

And don't for one second forget the lower tax and cost of living environment.

Come to Martin, we'll love to have you.
I like that’s it’s got a great small town feel, people are friendly and there are a lot of families here.
I love living in Martin County. It has a small town feel but is expanding every day. The school district is one of the best in the state. Nothing beats living on the water. The beach is a ten minute drive away. The district is also very safe. It is safe for kids to bike around. There is little open past 10 pm but that is the price you pay for living in a small town.
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Martin County used to be a nice and peaceful place to live. The attraction was the quiet laidback area. It truly was paradise with the beaches so close.
UNFORTUNATELY it has become Palm Beach County North. Every time you drive around there’s a new plaza or a building going up. Within the next 10 years it’ll truly be the same as Palm Beach County. I, along, with many others moved here to escape the headache and congestion of PBC. Very sad! For anyone reading this and who yes considering moving to Martin County I’d strongly suggest reconsidering.
I love living in Martin County because it provides so many different opportunities in a small town. My favorite trip out of the house is to Downtown Stuart because there are so many different shops to explore. I am so glad that Starstruck Academy and Theatre is in Martin County. It is a place where I can express myself and be with other people who share the same passion as I do for the arts. Starstruck is my second home and I am so grateful for Jennifer and Peter Jones for creating an atmosphere where children just like me can grow up and feel like they can be who they are.
I love the diversity in peoples, and restaurants. The public schools here are extremely well funded, and well stocked with administrative staff with plenty of resources. The public schools have tons of clubs and sports, INCLUDING sailing and a golf course at South Fork High School. Being liberal myself, this county is a tad conservative and old-fashioned, but lovely for someone looking for old Florida. This county is extremely safe, and has plenty to do, such as Jammin' Jensen, an event every Thursday in which vendors come together in an open-air night market. The art is diverse here as well, in glass merchandise, pottery, and fabrics. The travel time can be a bit much before tax day, but in relation to the rest of South Florida, the travel time is a DREAM (coming from Palm Beach myself).
I have lived in Martin County for 9 years now. Very family friendly place to live. The school system is great.
There is plenty to do in Martin County so you can never be bored. The people for the most part are always friendly and will to start a conversation. The beaches are unforgettable.
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