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I live in a small town in the Marion County and boy has it come a long ways. The town wasn't the best to live in when I moved there 10 years ago, but it has grown tremendously. My family and close friends are all in this town and everyone in this community is very close and so supportive. It has already changed so much, I really don't want it to change anymore.
Just recently it has seemed like I have been hearing of a lot of shootings and just over all violence in the area. I haven't ever really felt scared growing up until a couple months ago when I was at home by myself and 2 felons broke in and started stealing a bunch of our stuff while I had to hide and call the police.
I have absolutely loved growing up here all of my childhood. The people in general are all very kind and it is a beautiful area. There are always a lot of things going on to stay involved in.
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Quality of housing is high - there are many new and nice homes. Cost of housing is above average but not too high.
The community can be either very involved or not, depending on where you live in the area. There are neighborhoods with a strong sense of community and others without. My neighborhood generally keeps to themselves and doesn't have much sense of community but is not rude or disrespectful of the community.
I feel safe in this area. I know that the police will come when I call for them. Crimes are not very prevalent, but happen occasionally. I have no concerns for the safety of this area!
I love that this area is so friendly! The schools are great, there are a lot of incredible teachers, and many schools are improving in education. I like the weather here, it rains a lot but it doesn't get ridiculously hot or cold.
The crime in Salem isn't off the charts but it does seem to spark every once in a while.
Salem isn't the largest state capitol but it has a lot to offer both within and around the city.
There are some people who have gotten away with crimes in Salem.
The air is very clean, and while you are close to the city, greenery is everywhere.
There are rarely crimes, or any sketchy people.
Close to freeway, with many neighboring cities.
Property values have certainly increased but its not as outrageous as trying to buy a house in Portland.
We have known many of our neighbors for close to 15 years now. The majority of people stay here but some have moved away.
No breaks in that I am aware of. There is great neighborhood watch.
The weather is very mild, with a small temperature range, but it rains a lot. The area has a lot of rural space and open forest areas. A good place for pet lovers. Very pet friendly stores , etc. I would probably not choose to live here again. The career I desire will take me to larger centers of population. I'd prefer somewhere dryer and warmer. It would be nice to have access to more of the latest retail and technology, and fine dining.
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I would choose to live here again because it is the perfect mix of being out of the city, yet close enough to use most of the city's amenities.
The people are kind, if you like the outdoors this is a great place to live, there's outdoor recreation in every direction you drive without being in a tiny town. I'd live here again if I could do it all over.
It's the middle of no where, crime isn't a big thing that happens.
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