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Depending on where you live in the county, it can be a rural area or an area more populated. I like the rural area; it's very peaceful.
I like the tight community but sometimes it can be to tight to outsiders. wonderful family events and parks to enjoy. I enjoy the locally owned business.
Madison county is a very safe and prospering community. I am very pleased to have been able to grow up here.
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Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? Starshollow, CT is the all around utopian town. From town hall meetings to fall festivals, the community values the constituents. Madison, MS is the real life embodiment of Starshollow. Students have the opportunity to serve the community as Junior Ambassadors, and everyone gathers for summer festivities at the Red Cabbose. The schools feed into each with very few branches, meaning that most kids grow up with each other through the school system. Lastly, the value of achievement is anything but lackluster with ceremonies honoring athletic feats, superb academics, and defining leadership and service.
I like that i feel safe. I don't have problems with bumpy roads. Our public schools are beneficial to the students.
I love living in Madison County! The schools are absolutely wonderful and the neighborhoods are excellent for raising families. I feel extremely safe in my area and there are a ton of different neighborhoods to choose from according to your finances!!
I like how everything is uniform and quiet. I would for some food places to stay open until at least 12
Madison County is a fantastic place to live. Not only are the individuals responsible for the overall well-being and growth of the city, but the businesses themselves are wonderful. Every place is filled with friendly employees and I never cease to be impressed by the safety ratings.
I have been living in Madison County for about twenty years. The safety and comfort in Madison is excellent. The infrastructure is in great shape. I would like to see the night life activities increase. I believe that a Top Golf would be a great addition to the county. There are plenty of golfers in the area and we would benefit economically, as well.
I love Madison County. The people are friendly, the area is beautiful, and they have great schools. The traffic is getting bad due to all the new construction, but the major is working to fix the problem.
Madison is a wonderful place to raise your children. If you are a Baptist, you fit right in. That is because they don't drink, dance, slander, fornicate, or skip church on Sunday. If you are any other denomination, you are thought of as a lost soul. The mothers of this town will run your name down and spread the worse version of you for any idescretion you've had. If you have a differing opinion from the mayor or her hench-women, they will become the nastiest ill-speaking females ever. It could be on social media, Through letter writing, or innuendos dropped at social events they attend. It's best to keep your mouth shut and live robotically if you want to have any friends and survive here. Otherwise, the schools are great!
I love living in this small but loving town! Low crime, top notch schools, and Christian community ! I live here so that my son can grow up well.
I absolutely love living in Madison, Mississippi! Madison is the safest town I have ever been in and the school are amazing! Mayor May keeps the town beautiful!
Madison County is really safe and family friendly. Low crime rate and a high standard of living. There are also many great district school options.
Madison is a great place to raise a family. There are always plenty of family activities to do around the week days and the weekend. The only thing I do not like about madison is that there is not much to do past 8pm. Almost everything closes. There are a lot of high schoolers and college students that are always on the lookout for a good late night study area and it is almost impossible to find a good one around the area. I will say that the schools are amazing! Definitely a great place to live and enjoy with the family.
Madison is one of the best cities to grow up in, only because of southern hospitality and strict law enforcement.
Madison, Ms is a small town. I love living here. The mayor knows everyone and has done so much for our city. She brings us all together, it's like living with a great big family. Everyone helps everyone out in need. The only thing I would change ,would be more activities for the youth.
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Madison is a great city that's growing. The main thing i like is the high police presence, makes me feel really safe.
A great small town feel just outside the capital city of Jackson, MS, Madison is a wonderful place to raise a family. Amenities such as shopping are just a short ten to thirty minute drive away.
I love the town I have grown up in. The schools are amazing and I feel safe in this town I call home Madison, Mississippi. Everyone is so welcoming and there is so much to join in and do your part where you feel like you belong.
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