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I lived in Lubbock county all my life up until I graduated high school. The commute time from my neighborhood to any type of grocery store, gas station, or school was very short and easy to reach. My neighborhood always felt like home and still does to this day. I made many friends growing up in that neighborhood.
I have been living here for about half of my life, and I have been given many opportunities living here. Academics I have been challenged and given the opportunity of take IB courses. I have been involved and feel welcomed in the community. I have been exposed to new adventures like watching live musicals at the local amphitheater or going to see artwork in all sorts of different kinds of media at the art trail. Overall my experience in Lubbock has been positive and
I like the friendly home town feel about Lubbock county.I would like to see the housing affordability change.
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Lubbock is a great city. It feels like a large, small town. The people are some of the friendliest you will meet. There are a wide variety of things to do, including family entertainment, college nightlife, art galleries, farmer's markets, and Texas Tech athletic events. And you won't find more spectacular sunsets anywhere outside of West Texas.
I’ve been here my whole life, so I’ve been very comfortable here. The only thing there I want to change is there will be more job opportunities.
Lubbock is big enough to accommodate all of your needs, but still small enough to give off that "small town" vibe.
I’m currently living in Lubbock and I love it. Lubbock is growing and it’s starting to become very diverse and very big with the addition of many restaurants and other activities. I would not change anything here
Lubbock is a very affordable place to live. Many students come to the Texas Tech University from all over the world as well as many come here to start businesses or buy homes based on the market & price
Lubbock has been such a wonderful place to start and grow a family. Locals and transplants all appreciate and love our unique small town big city feel and encourage local small business growth.
Lubbock county is a big city with a small town vibe! Everyone is so friendly. I’m Lubbock we have Texas Tech which with it brings a ton of excitement! They have just about any sport you can think of!
I have lived all my life, this city is growing and loving it more and more. Texas Tech College is one of the main attreactions and growing more and more with all the new anemities.
I would like to see more affordable entertainment live and year round because everytime something does come to lubbock which is not very often the pricing is ridiculous. For as large as the city we don't have anything to do here but if you are looking for the largest selection of restaurants per square foot then lubbock is the place for you.
Love it must visit to
Appreciate Texas Tech games tailgateing and nightlife ideal for college students
Its great !you get what you put in. Dont waste time complaining your here there are plenty things to do its not what you do its who you do them with
Lubbock is a nice place if your looking to settle. The schools are great if your kid is trying to advance themselves. Lubbock is a great place to have fun and numerous people visit because of the rich culture.
I enjoy living in Lubbock. It’s a small town, at least to me it is, because I’m used to living in Dallas. I spent my whole life in Dallas been moved to Lovick for school. I go to South Plains College, and I really enjoy it here. The only thing I don’t like about Lubbock is that there’s not very much to do compared to the big city. And Dallas are lots of places to go eat, go shopping, and things like that. The mall in Lubbock is not very big and there aren’t very many restaurants.
I moved to Lubbock 2 years and have been pleasantly surprised. Lubbock is a very small but extremely friendly town, it's very family oriented and there is always something to do with my kids. There are lots of job opportunities here and also a lot of assistance for those that need it.
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Everything is easy to get to, the schools are great, the restaurants fantastic, plenty of things to see, housing is affordable. The people, churches, public offices all have a very friendly atmosphere.
Lubbock is a small city, with many friendly residents. I see many people come together when they see someone in need.
Lubbock has really grown and developed over the last 5 years. It is thriving in the building of new homes and several businesses has come to the area because of all of the new opportunities.
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