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Loudoun County is known for its great school system, and that is true. The schools here have various opportunities for the students to excel and get involved in their community. As for life in this area, it's pretty quiet. No major events really happen around here. People just mind their own business, and this has to do with the fact that there aren't busy cities around here. It's quite peaceful and safe (hopefully it stays that way), and that leaves the nightlife lackluster. The communities here are well organized and it is easy to get involved and stay active and healthy by joining a nearby gym or attending a rec center.
Loudoun County is amazing! Everything is so cool and fun around. There are a lot of restaurants and fun things to do.
There's quite a diversity with the students in schools, so you don't feel left out as much. There's a nice amount of area to have recreational activities to do in this area.
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I love my town. I've lived here all my life and have fallen in love with the history and the activities. My only issue is that Loudoun is now being super developed. Apartments and condos are being built everywhere and traffic is getting worse by the day.
As an individual that has spent a majority of my life moving all over Virginia with my mom, I enjoy my time spent in Loudoun County. Out of all the places I've been I have felt the safest in Loudoun. I am so lucky to attend Loudoun County High School as the friendships and people I meet will last a lifetime. I live in Leesburg where shops are convenient and as a new driver the roads are easy to get around. I am happy to call it my home.
I was given so many opportunities, thanks to the schools in Loudoun County. The schools here provide students the tools needed to get ready for college.
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I live in South Riding which is in Loudoun County. Loudoun County is a complete bubble that revolves around school and college.
Loudoun county is a beautiful area in Virginia that is growing very rapidly. The homes and surrounding area is well-kept and has a "homey" feel to it. People are friendly and it's a genuinely nice place to live.
Great community. Many types of organizations for all ages to be involved in. Schools are wonderful. People truly caring about each one and pride in there community. Been here 18 years. Can’t imagine growing up in any other area.
I'd give western Loudoun 5 stars but eastern Loudoun 2 stars. There is a huge difference. Eastern Loudoun has way higher crime, jam packed roads, horrible drivers and just stresses me out. Western is VERY beautiful but they are slowly building it as well. Nicest areas are west of route 15. Mental health seems off due to a high amount of suicides in the area. Great schools and police. It is a clean county.
i like how the community works together making it a safe and enjoyable place to live, If I wanted something to change it would be more entertainment like things to do, and places to go.
I have lived in Loudoun County my whole life, born and raised! I recently moved to West Virginia, and will tell everyone I know about how awesome Loudoun County is. I attended John Champe High School for my first two years of high school, and it was the best two years of my life. The teachers, the environment everything about it was amazing. I would do anything to go there again.
I grew up here so this place has a special place in my heart. All of my friends live in this area and it feels very community focused. the one downside about this area is all of the ugly data centers that are popping up. My area used to be filled with a lot of trees and then they were all cut down to build these clunky data centers that make the area very unappealing to some.
For the most part, it is a urban county that is more rural as you go west. The west is slowly urbanizing which is frustrating to those who came for the rural lifestyle.
Loudoun County is a great area to visit and live. It could do better by making it more affordable to live in the Eastern Loudoun areas such as Ashburn. There are plenty of wineries and green spaces to explore.
Loudoun county is one of tebet safest counties. it has a nice athmosphere and it is very friendly. LOCO rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This county is perfect. The people who live here are very inviting and make you feel at home. The area is very safe and the ratings of the schools are spectacularly high. Highly would recommend people to move here.
Great place to live and work. I was born and raised here and although it is rapidly growing and becoming heavily over populated, I wouldn’t change living here.
I have been living in Loudoun County for more than 5 years, and it has been great. The schools here are great and it is very diverse. There has been little to no crimes in the area. Loudoun County is affordable, but not for everyone. There have been many places open like One Loudoun where there are many things like the movies and many restaurants. There are plenty of job opportunities in this area for both teens and adults. In my personal experience, Loudoun County is one of the best places to live.
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