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The school system is very bad, the people in political seats show very little care for the citizens. A lot of the time there is nothing done to help, so people try to take things in to their own hands and things go wrong. The biggest problems are the people that are in political seats that don't really want to help the city flourish, but line their own pockets.
i like the fact that most of my family were born here and still live here. theres not a lot to do family wise and i wish that would improve. also the crime rate is higher then most places. there are a lot of places to dine now more than before so thta is a plus.
I like Lorain County because it is largely a melting pot of people. On a day to day basis, you can meet different people from varying backgrounds, ethnicity, and walks of life. The city of Lorain in particular is slowly revamping it's downtown, with small businesses moving in all the time
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I would like Lorain to be a place people want their kids to grow up in. A place where kids don't have to be afraid to walk down the street. I hope Lorain evolves into a more loving community. Although Lorain may have a bad rap, it's not the worse place in the world it just needs a little more work . The school teachers also really care about the kids and want the community to succeed.
What I like about Lorain County is their area of Down Town Lorain. They have really brought the life of back into Downtown Lorain like for example they are bring back the hotel that is getting a new face lift. Restaurants are being opened and so much more. The big thing i think they need to work on is there snow plowing ; Because I feel like they do not try hard enough to make sure the commuters on the road are safe. So that is how I think and feel about Lorain County
There is very little access to quality jobs and careers, entertainment, and overall life satisfaction. People are very resistant to change.
It's an average city and has a wide range of people all the way from the poor to the somewhat rich. There is also the farmland to crowded city.
I was born and raised here, and lately there has been a lot of killings and I don't feel comfortable in my own home town. There is nothing to do here anymore and it's just very boring.
I think Lorain county is a small place. With it being small its easy to learn. There are many beautiful parts like by the lake and the wooded areas where you can take a walk through nature and enjoy the outdoors. It has a lot of potential to be something great but without the youth its not going to go anywhere. People need to get more engaged in making their home a better place. At night time you can hear a lot of siren. The school system is terrible. There is a gem in the city and its Horizon science Academy. Horizon stays engaged with their students to make sure they are going to succeed, Its a K-12 college prep. school. I have attended Horizon since I was in 6th grade I would not ask to be anywhere else. This is a one of a kind school that just wants to see their students succeed.
There is a little bit of thongs to do. We seem to go out of the city to do things. The city is trying to clean up and have events.
I have lived in Lorain my whole life. It is where I went to school preschool to high school. I will graduate from Lorain High School. This is where I will also graduate with my Associates degree at no cost. This is due to Lorain County Community College. Lorain is a great city where everyone is nice and willing to help out anyone.
I would like to see more activities happen for the community. Other than that it is a wonderful place to be. During the summer time, there are fairs and festivals all around with plenty of things to do.
The environment in this county is wonderful. Everyone seems to get along perfectly fine helping the community prosper. The buildings that are located in this county bring it to life. With really nice locations like downtown Cleveland.
Lorain County is a very warn down city. Our drug rate is exponentially high, and our education was rated the worst education in the state of Ohio. (Lorain High)
I like the tourist attractions but the county its self-needs to be fixed up and safety needs to be a number one priority.
my experience with lorain county is rather average. its not a too bed place to live but there are certainly better. the crime is minimal if you are safe and the people are courteous most often.
Growing up in Lorain, it is very nice here. Very diverse here in Lorain and we also hold a county wide International festival as well. Lorain used to be a main attraction back during the industrial revolution.
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Trust me when I tell you, you do not want to live here. Dull as dirt, nothing to do but travel to better cities nearby, and the nightlife is nowhere to be found.
There is not really anything special about Lorain county. I wish people would stop the violence and unify.
Well I grew up in lorain Ohio since i was 9yrs old. All my childhood, teenager, and adult life was mostly there. I met new people it was a nice place to live. But its getting bad in lorain. I wish there was alot more store and that they would fixed up downtown lorain.
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