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Licking County's roads suck. The people can be okay, some are assholes. All in all the county is okay.
I would like to see more tolerance and acceptance of diversity in the area. There is much diversity, yet not much tolerance of one another.
Compared to where I've been the crime isn't too bad here.
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When I first moved here it wasn't. I went through a couple of periods in my life where I hated being here, but I accepted the fact that everything can't be controlled.
This is a nice housing addition with no more building lots available. Cost of homes is average with no abandoned homes and most are well maintained.
People tend to stay in this area and most have pets and are pet friendly.
This is an area that has no more building lots available and the homes are well maintained and an average pricing prevails.
People usually tend to stay in this area and most have pets and are pet friendly.
It is a typical little town.
There is a wide variety of shopping and restaurants available. Employment is average.
There isn't much around you have to drive to places to get anywhere.
Where I used to live was very friendly and welcoming with everything a lot more then out here is. Neighbors got involved with each other more and hung out with each other a lot more then out here.
I would never live here again, the people aren't very friendly unless your entire family is from around the area. There is nothing to do around here. I see this area as mostly being farm lands forever because of the amount of fields now. It'snot very exciting now. People don't interact as much because everything is so far apart.
There isn't much in the way of crime watch because of the area that we are located in. It takes police a few minutes to get to places because everything is so spread out and I have never seen police doing neighborhood watches out around town. I barely see police to being with.
The jobs out here mostly include farming jobs because of the area that I live in there isn't much to offer out here for people to work and earn money. Most people drive anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get to their job because there isn't much to offer out here where we live. Especially because of it being mostly farming culture and agriculture based jobs.
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