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In my opinion, This county is very small and quiet. The community is very traditional and consistent. For example, they have color runs and races to raise money for different charities every year. Thousands of citizens in Greenwood sign up and volunteer to make a difference in another person's life. We take pride in our friends and families around us. Personally, I am from Greenwood. Usually, we are known for "THE MIGHTY BULLDOGS" who are also known as Greenwood High School. They are one of the best teams in the county. A lot of Alumni's take pride in their future superstars and scholars who are going to change other's perspective about the Delta. This county has a lot history dealing with racism. There are a lot of famous and cruel incidents that happened during the 50's-90's. Many tourists visit the small city to explore old historic buildings that are located downtown. Hopefully, you might be intrigue to come explore and gain knowledge about this little town.
I've been living here all of my life . It's home! I would love to see more schools and jobs become available. The need for better educational resources is very high. I would like to see the school curriculum change.
I just moved here in June. So far I have been enjoying myself. The school system is great but the people are somewhat selfish. I love the variety of business but not the prices. The drivers here are always in a hurry. The kids seem to be adjusting so I'm grateful for that.
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The crime safety in the area i stay is good . Everyone feels safe .
I would most definitely live where i am staying because the area is good , its a quiet neighborhood and its safe to have your children or kids overall out to play. Everyone gets alone well.
There is alot of crime going on but its getting better
In this small town, there are many people that live here, but there isn't many things to do around here to keep the kids and teens out of trouble.
The crime rate is sort of bad where I live. I don't think you can really go out and have fun without someone acting or doing something foolish. Every time you go out you hear about something bad happening and the police don't really do anything about it . Personally I don't think you're safe anywhere anymore
Personally I don't really care much for my town , it's small and there isn't really much opportunity here. It's not just my town but the state of Mississippi , I want much more for my self than " Greenwood " !
The area that I stay in is the best area to stay. There is no crime actions going on and the that area is peaceful place to stay. You have all you need around you. Like family, jobs, new businesses or restaurants opening, and you have good schools with best education.
Every community has it's flaws, especially in my area, but in every bad situation there is still some good. I am a individual that take the negative things and make them positive
Mississippi was grown a lot, but still has much to improve in. The school systems are improving in a positive way and the stting is becoming more urbanized.
I have lived in Itta Bena, all of my life. Growing up, it was a place full of life, love, and leisure. However, over the past few years the living conditions have worsened. For example, the only grocery store closed in 2009, and has yet to reopen. The police department closed in 2012. Itta Bena Headstart, the only early childhood education center, closed this year. The only bank in town (Regions) will be closing in October... It seems like the entire city is shutting down around me. There are little to no jobs available in this area and progression is unpromised. That is what I see in the future for this area. Itta Bena, my hometown, is nothing like it was when I was a kid. I am applying for this scholarship so that I can pay for the courses needed to attain my Bachelors in Healthcare Management and be able to relocate my children to someplace better. Please, I need financial help and scholarships are mt only options.
nothing to do. nearest movies theater is an hour away
mostly chains but a few great local owned places
I work at a local daycare and I love it
mostly mom-pop shops but a lot of chain businesses
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Employment in this area is scarce. However, I believe if people really wanted to find a job they should put their best effort into their search.
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