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I have lived in this area for a long time and I think it’s an okay place to live. If your looking for a spot with little drama or a low crime rate this is a perfect fit for you. Many People from all around come here to settle down.
My experience with lee county is its a great county for as long as I've been living in it. Ever since I've been here the county has always done its best to make the residents happy. For example putting up gas stations, offering new jobs, and building new schools. By doing these things it makes the residents of the county happy because it gives them a place to get new jobs and a have a well educated and bright place for there kids to learn in. Although, one thing I would change about lee county is its night life. The nightlife is very dead and there's nothing to do. Therefore, if they can have places to go to or have fun activities to do, it would be so much better.
The weather is great and the cost of living is pretty good. The jobs don't pay that well but because the cost of living is lower than other places, it is manageable. It is a great place to retire. The schools, medical insurance, the pay are all about 10 years behind the northern states.
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I attended Lehigh elementary school and I had a very fun time. I also lived in a gated community and the environment was very organized and kept together. I would say that is was a peaceful and friendly county.
Lee county is a diverse area with many cultures living together. The county is growing exponentially due to tourists choosing to move here following vacation. Our beaches are beautiful, the city night life is hopping, and it is a great place to raise a family. Lee county has numerous parks to enjoy during the day and the weather is always sunny. This is an area where you can enjoy the outside everyday.
Lee County has always been my home. There is nothing to do here but there is always fun times to spend at the beach or just relaxing with your family.
Awesome area for accessing all the water fun that Florida has to offer. Very diverse community with great music and dining options.
Lee county is a diverse community that thrives off of all the amazing people living here. We have many small businesses, plus a variety of corporate owned businesses, both creating a unique dynamic that gives the county such character.
Very little crime in this area.
It's a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows each other.
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