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LaSalle County has kept me very safe throughout the 17 years of my life. The county is clean and sanitary. The county provides enough places to shop, eat, and perform activities. The counties police department is always punctual and takes their jobs seriously. We have reasonable prices that are affordable. We have places helping out each family who may not have enough money to support their family. There are a bunch of job opportunities also.
Lived here most of my life. Small town but has alot to offer. Great state parks close by and lots of mom and pop shops and cute restaurants.
Great places to live in Lasalle County. It is affordable, and many things to do with the family. It is a great country atmosphere, with a lot of parks, lakes, fishing areas, and downtown areas for walking, jogging, and movies.
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people in LaSalle county are very friendly, love to party, and love lending a helping hand to whoever needs it. people are always throwing fundraiser's for whoever man need the extra cash if they have something tragic going on in their lives. its a nice quiet place to live if your looking for a small farm town. not a whole lot for job opportunities but if your a simple person its the place for you.
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