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I’ve lived in lake county my entire life, one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s constantly changing. It is a very diverse county, you never really know who you’re going to meet.
I like how diverse Lake County is. There are a lot of nearby shops and dining. My favorite area to live.
Lake County is a very fun town to live in. We are such a close community and six flags is a great childhood memory
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Great place to hike and bike and more affordable than cook county
Easy access to Chicago and Wisconsin for road trip
It is a very clean and safe place. If you are looking for a place to raise children, this is the place. There is many parks, restaurants and jobs for someone to have a life here.
The county as a whole is filled with friendly and diverse people. There is a wonderful mix of suburban, Midwestern, and city culture, with diverse residents in most cities. Unfortunately, due to the significant income gap between places such as Lake Forest and Waukegan, it encourages a gap in the quality of public education between districts and the consistency of a public atmosphere is not always comparable.
Waukegan is overall a wonderful community with a lot of diversity. This is where I grew up and I will move back after graduating school.
The best thing about Lake County residents is that they are a genuine bunch. On the other hand the area is not what it could be. I would like to see more local restaurants and businesses, and to have residents actually support these things.
lake county has plenty of living opportunities as well as living assistance. the crime rate has gone up due to people moving here from cook county as well as hurricane Katrina residents. a majority of the murders unsolved. every year for the holidays the different communities get together and give gifts to low income children in need as well as the police officers take children picked from different school districts on a 500 dollar shopping spree. they also have before and after school programs for children to benifit parents from out of pocket daycare expenses. the lake county housing authority sponsors parents going back to school with grants funded it's a very nice community to live in the townships help with utilities and funeral expenses the colleges offer plenty resources for going back to school even if you don't have the funds to do so we also have a yea that sponsors SINGLE Mothers with childcare and education opportunities as well.
There's a lot of driving to get where you want to go. If you want to go to a good restaurant you're almost guaranteed to drive at least 20 minutes. Not much to do around here besides shop at Gurnee Mills. Not a lot of public transportation. However, the public schools are great and offer a good education. Kids from here are given a lot of opportunities. Mostly a family friendly place with a lot of local parks and forest preserves. Six Flags is exciting until the thrill of it wears off. Overall, Lake County is an average suburban area with not much to do.
Lake County gives it's residents the best of both worlds; it is a northern suburb that borders Wisconsin and is about an hour drive to both, Milwaukee and Chicago. Lake County is known for it's lakes, most specifically the Chain O Lakes, which is a giant boating community. It is a safe and family friendly community that is perfect for raising a family.
I haven't heard of too many robberies in my area.
It's a good area. quiet. every town has it's misfits. but we're all misfits together.
I feel very safe walking around my town even at night. There are always cops portoling the streets to make sure everyone is safe. Also since it is a smaller town we don't see to much in the way of crime so if something happens the whole town knows in a matter of hours.
I personally love my small town. Even though it is growing we still hold on the the same values and everyone is nice to you no matter what. We take pride in our history so a lot of the things that you see in this town have been around since it was built. A lot of people come here for the summer because off the chain of lakes and its one of the best summer towns around.
There are plenty opportunities fro people of all beliefs and opinions to get along and become connected to the community.
There are plenty of houses of all types available here. However in Illinois, the cost for property and housing is higher than in some other states.
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there are plenty of opportunities to increase awareness and improve one's wellness in the community.
I love living here! there is an abundance of lakes and nature is everywhere.
There are plenty of job opportunities, however most do not require a degree.
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