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We are close enough to Orlando but not in the mix of the traffic. It would be nice to have more farm to table restaurants. We have downtown Mt Dora with has many places to shop and eat at.
I've been a resident in Lake County for quite a few years now and it's been nothing but comfortable living. Coming from a big state like California, Lake County is a very small, and a nice place to live in. The community is very friendly and everyone knows everyone, so it's easy to accommodate and make friends. So far, Lake County hasn't given me any issues!
It’s a relatively quiet, suburban and rural area. The population is not very large, and there’s very little crime.
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I love all the lakes and beautiful views when driving up and down hills . I also enjoy the country life and nature walks thru state parks. Living here is very affordable and manageable. I've been living in lake county since I was in the 2nd grade. And enjoyed every bit of it. I can always go back to take my kids on lake walks and park visits. Very family friendly and small town as I knew it is constantly changing and growing. I would consider it to anyone who want a steady and moderate place to live. Yet, my opinion on the school system is bitter sweet. And I think they should built community centers and after school programs for the kids that reside in lake county.
I love the current events that happen weekly and monthly. The daily decoration and lighting of the plaza is also amazing. I think it is currently all perfect.
Very pleasant place to be. A suburbia with a warm hometown feel. I found that there was a lot recent development in this area over the years, which adds to the overall family feel that one can experience when visiting here. Its apart of a beautiful chain of lakes and I would definitely recommend anyone with children to visit at least once.
Lake County schools vary from Clermont all the way to Montverde. This large county's schools are unified, we are held the utmost level of education. Lake county is consistently excelling in academics, athletics, and performance. Coming from the DMV area, I must say, moving to Lake county was a fun and helpful experience. I achieved so many goals that I had no idea I was capable of achieving. The teachers are helpful, the principals display some of the best leadership qualities I have ever seen and the students are all very bright and disciplined. One of the very few things I can say I dislike about the county is its lack of familiarization to diversity. The migration from surrounding states and even Newyork has been rapidly increasing and I don't think original residents and schools are adapting so quickly. I've had a few racist encounters throughout my school career but nothing too vulgar. I do however, hope that within the next few years Lake County is more accepting to diversity.
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