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Location is great, food is great, And the people are friendly which is always a plus! I like the mountain scenery, especially when the sun sets over the hills and the sky lights up.
I haven't lived in Klamath County long but I do enjoy all of the outdoor activities that are available.
Klamath is the ideal location to raise a family. I grew up in Klamath and although I had a great opportunity to attend a renown 4 year college in town, I decided to move away. Since graduating, I came back worked two years, left the country for two year, and have now been back for a year. Klamath is an affordable town with great opportunities for motivated individuals.
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I currently live in Klamath Falls. It is a great place to live for people who like the outdoors and a calm environment. In my opinion, this town would be better if there was more diversity and more activities for younger people.
Here is a place that's position for growth, it just needs help getting there. The cost of living is very low and commuting is no problem at all. Vast land that's just waiting to be built upon.
Small town, not much to do. There has been a lot of crime in recent years. Shops tend to shut down fast.
I like the outdoors here in Klamath County, However the County Government isn't managing the county well. There is a lot of potential in this area for more businesses, both in Klamath Falls and outlying areas. It's too bad that the local Government officials are to busy with their own agendas to see that there is a great opportunity here that they are wasting.
Quiet, small town lifestyle. Lots of outdoor activities. Some shopping and restaurants. Some crime but better than larger cities.
I love the small town feel and the common courtesy people have. I would like Klamath County to grow economically.
Lots of physical activities, and very people friendly. It is very outdoors and dog friendly, with many dog parks where you can meet new people.
Klamath County is a beautiful place to live. I am impressed with the growing of the senior care services and community. I think Klamath County could work on providing Mental health services. The increase in mental health population is surpassing the work loads of our pcp's.
Have lived in this area for 25 years and seen a lot of changes not all of them positive. Have made a lot of important friends.
I love Klamath Falls because the town is wonderfully safe and yet there are so many fun things to do. Its snows a lot in the winter and becomes so sunny in the summer. Klamath Falls is a mix of farm land and the city all in a high desert. It is a wonderfully amazing town.
Klamath is a town that you quickly fall in love with. Like most towns it has its ups and downs, but it is a safe quiet town. It is a close community and everyone gets to know each other. Very sports oriented town.
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