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It is now more of a place to settle down for retirement, the local government doesnt want change. Instead of bringing in new things that would make people want to stay they keep everything the same.
Kent County is a gorgeous rural county with beautiful sunsets. The rivers and Chesapeake Bay make summers on the water a prime location with tourists coming in to see all of its beauty. Winters bring moderate snow fall. The Public School system has provided me with an education that allowed me to get accepted into top schools with top programs.
Vibrant, safe, and small community with beautiful sunsets. Have been very happy living in Kent County and all sorts of new projects always happening.
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Lived and worked here for 3 years. Pros: Overall it is a safe place with lots of access to water and beautiful sunsets. Cons: Very limited employment opportunities, limited housing opportunities, no amenities, very few restaurants, limited shopping, and a heroin problem. Schools are closing, the hospital has closed with a small emergency center in it's place, and the movie theater just closed along with a number of restaurants. If you weren't born and raised here, your opportunities are very limited. While Washington College brings in some liberal ideas, the county is heavily conservative.
I have had an exceptional experience with Kent County. I have lived here for over 8 years and grown up in my house I currently reside in. Very small town with strict beliefs.
Great place to live and raise a family. Rural area, but a short distance to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas.
Kent county can be beautiful, the people are nice, and the river is beautiful. Although, it is such a small county, to be clear it is the smallest county in all of Maryland. There is not much to do besides to travel at least 30 min to the nearest populated area. Kent county is an amazing place to raise a family.
Everyone here looks out for each other so you know that everyone has your back. I have never felt unsafe.
I would love to move back after college but, I'm not sure that I will do to the low amount of jobs in the medical field in this particular area.
People are pretty friendly and considered average.
No major crime and very safe feeling.
Most houses have a lot of space and look nice.
Even though it is a small place, it has offered many opportunities and taught me a lot.
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