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The community is close, but sometimes random occurrences of violence can occur in some parts of town.
I have lived in Kankakee fir over 20 years and I must say I enjoy small communities better than the city Kankakee It’s a small poor community that could really use help with all the abandon building and run down shops as well as we need more outreach programs for our youth the town needs help it truly looks like a forgotten town that no one really cares about especially when you can go 10 minutes in any direction and come into a new town that is doing better off than Kankakee and it makes you wonder who truly is behind the sciences making decisions
I very much enjoyed that I was raised with a roof over my head and was grateful for everything that I was able get out of Kankakee. My high school valedictorian said "Their is more life outside of Kankakee" so far I was able to take that life lesson and turn it into a reality and now im living in Marietta Ga, pursuing my education in Graphic Design.
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Its a very nice town and people are very nice here. I enjoy feeling secure, the neighbors watch out for each other and very helpful when you ask for help
Kankakee County is a nice place, It's not the best and it's not the worst. Kankakee County is a middle place
Kankakee used to be a retired community. Very clean very decent area to relax and enjoy family. I honestly feel the property value has been brought down by African Americans and drug dealers. I'm an African American so I'm not just saying this. We've upset the community with guns and even drugs. It's one of the most terrible places to be now.
Poor schools, fairly safe, up and coming art district, potential to improve but currently unappealing for residing
In the city of Kankakee, I really enjoyed the way the community came together during local events. I really felt the love and the relief while living in the Kankakee area!
What I DID like at one point and time about Kankakee was my childhood. Growing up in a small town where everyone knew everyone, it was like being in a town where it was a big family. NOW, it isn't anything like that. My hometown needs ALOT OF CHANGES. A lot of businesses have left the area, taking jobs away from the area. I would love to see Kankakee rebuild and become the town I remember from my childhood.
It is a nice town though options for things to do are limited. The cost of living is cheap when compared to Chicago but when compared to job pay and other areas within the state seems expensive. The taxes are high compared to other areas and the city gets its money by imposing fees for car stickers, garage sale licenses, etc...which are different rules compared to other places we have lived.
There is a growing art scene here in the city of Kankakee, but there is also a very high crime rate in the same area. The schools definitely need work, as a lot of them have started getting rid of finals and homework grades, which doesn't prepare you for highschool. We have Olivet Nazarene University, however, which is one of the best universities in the area.
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