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I have lived here all my life. This county may have its up and down the the community always sticks out and helps each other. At the end of the day we’re all a family here.
Charleston is a nice, friendly town but it’s more of a retirement state. There isn’t much activity for the youth generation to do, we struggle with finding entertainment. Our mall is going out of business, and you have to have a vehicle to travel to various parts of Charleston. Unless you use public transportation and it takes thirty minutes or every hour to get to a destination. Our colleges are great but my best advice is to do your graduate schooling in a bigger state so you won’t get stuck in West Virginia. I call it a “trap state” because you’re liable to stay around longer than you need too.
I would like to see more affordable housing because there are a lot of low income families and more job paying competive wages.
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The state is very slow in getting things back up and running. Crime is not as bad as it use to be. the police are always out patrolling, they respond slowly at times, but always come.
the outdoors are beautiful, but there are no jobs in the area. There are people leaving the state and I do not see big things in the future for this state.
Just like any other place there are good parts and bad parts
It is an okay place.
They've gotten rid of some of the police.
The government is killing the state
There is very little crime. Incidence of crime is very rare, and therefore the safety is high.
The area is quiet, secure, though quite impersonal and without a feeling community.
Our neighborhood is quiet and untouched by crime, confusion or drama. Praise the Lord for this !!!!!
I live in a small town that I'm glad I live in. Low Crime, drama and people are helpful and caring.
It could be better. It's a small area, the people are racist & most of the kids are on drugs.
The area that I live is not a bad part of town! It's very peaceful and there is a lot of wildlife and outdoor space. The town itself I feel lacks many activities odor children and teens. The town is kind of boring and doesn't offer very many fun things to do such as bigger city's do. I feel this town could improve on things for our youth to do such and an amusement park or some other fun activities! Our city also lacks road maintenance, for example my road has not had any attention for nearly 7 years. We are a state road and our road is always left out like many backroads. We have tried to contact local state road crews but nothing has been done to our road. Our town does need some improvements but it isn't all bad!
Nothing here to keep young people busy. Nothing like amusement parks, Zoos, NASCAR track, or Professional Football team
I have lived here almost twenty-one years and it is a beautiful place. Nature is abundant and it is calm and quiet at night.
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There is two restaurants in this area that serve alcoholic beverages, they both close at ten at night. The only restaurant that is open all the time is McDonalds. There is no where to "party" or to go "clubbing" at.
The minimum wage is $8.50, most people only work about eight to ten hours a week. That is not enough money to pay rent for an apartment or to get groceries for.
In local businesses, many of them are average. They aren't great, but aren't horrible. The owners are richer than snot, but refuse to upgrade any of their stores or restaurants. Many of the employees just seem like they really do not care about their jobs either.
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