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Jefferson County had pretty mush everything someone would need without being too big. Some of the schools could use more funding and there is a debate about closing the fairground, but overall we've had no problems with the county and have been pleased with all we can do here.
There is so much to do and it can get crowded sometimes but overall its pretty nice! The weather can be unpredictable sometimes but its small but its not at the same time. There is so much to do like go to the mall, ice skating, go to 4th street live, or go to the highlands. Also there is festivals that come in Louisville like forecastle and hometown rising. Another thing that happens is waterfront Tuesday which is really fun and free music!! One thing that is really big here in Louisville which is Kentucky derby. There is a week of activities to celebrate Kentucky derby and it is nice and fun I love it but traffic gets really bad.
Jefferson County has a pretty good public school system, fostering the #1 school in the state of Kentucky. Although it may be hard to find fun activities to do at night, once you find the right places, you and your friends will have a blast. There are many great places around the county to find affordable living if you are alone, with your partner, or with your family. There is a myriad of job opportunities that are usually within a 20 minute drive from any residential area. Meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures is always easy because of the great diversity of the population.
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There is a ton to do in Jefferson county. There are multiple malls. Kids can play at parks puzzles fun dome and many other places. Teens can go to the movies, sky zone or escape rooms. There are amazing places to eat and many local restaurants.
I have lived here my whole life. It is a nice area, they try to stay current with remodeling and roadway structures, but they can lack in many other areas. They pay teachers well, but not their schools.
Jefferson County is a very big place with a lot of different places to go. You never have to worry about not having anything to do with all of the local food and places to try something new at.
Jefferson County is a beautiful county. There are many family friendly sites. The people here are very kind and caring. The diversity is decent.
Jefferson County is a picturesque county filled with neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, stores, and recreational centers. Staying local in this county is a pleasure because of the many opportunities for fun and growth offered there. Jefferson County is a beautiful community including natural attractions like Cherokee Park, Floyd’s Fork, and Tom Sawyer Park. Other attractions in Jefferson County include the Louisville Slugger Museum, Churchill Downs, the Science Center, and Kentucky Kingdom. Along the Ohio River are Waterfront Park, the Belle of Louisville, and many more areas ensuring visitors a spectacular time.
Jefferson County is a fun, lively environment at all hours of the day. There is always something to do in Louisville; whether it is preparing for the Kentucky Derby, going to Forecastle, walking around in the Highlands, or taking a trip to the outlets.
The most advanced, open minded and welcoming community in the state of Kentucky. Here we welcome people with open arms and southern charm. We don’t judge on a persons appearance but on their character. One of the best cost of living cities around. We like to say we are a big city with small town heart.
Currently live here but we have a divided line between middle class and upper middle class. Need to clean up some of the lower run down areas
I like that we are bringing more money into the county with all of the attractions but would like to see money out to good use with K-12 education.
More activities that aren’t only in town.
Better teachers that actually care about everyone and no favoritism.
More nice students and teachers.
Guidance counselors that guide us better.
Overall Jefferson County is a good place to reside, some of the road ways and buildings need improvement. Some road ways are also due for expansion, but there is no plan of action or attention to this. It is easy to get around besides this.
Occupational outlook is good, you can almost find or create any business or job and succeed in any undertaking career wise.
Multiple good schools are also located here, some of the public schools need stricter enforcement, but parent participation is low in certain areas.
It is diverse,calm, peaceful,has beautfl restraunts and leisure places to visit with family.It had parks for recreation.Its a beautiful place endowed with great scenery and great schools and colleges.
This is a great county. It has all the convinces of a larger area but the feeling of a small town. People are very nice and plenty of great options on the town. The local food is also really good. They have all varieties you could ask for.
Louisville, Jefferson Co. Kentucky is a great metropolitan to live in because of all the activities surrounding a river city. There is a multicultural diversity that is a open door to living a peaceful life among other nations. As with other cities there is good and bad, but as in any town, we must take the bitter with the sweet. Jefferson Co. Is a place of opportunity and prosperous living when you engage yourself as a citizen of the United States.
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What I like about Jefferson County is the small town home feeling. People can walk downtown and recognize people and the shop owners all know who you are when you stop in for your morning coffee. What I would change about Jefferson County is the drug problem. More and more people are becoming addicts with drugs such as heroine and meth and it represents our town poorly. I wish there were more ways to help those people.
I love how diverse Jefferson county is, you can find people from different nationalities and very family oriented!
I enjoy the small community in Jefferson County. It is peaceful and safe and rich in diversity. I have lived in this area for two years now and have never had any issues.
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