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I really like Jefferson County's public schools. Personal experience is with Golden High School, which has a competitive AP and Honors program. I also think it has really strong family community, at least in the towns I lived in. Places such as Arvada can develop a crowded feeling, and attempting to walk around Wadsworth or these larger streets can be extremely challenging or unpleasant with the homeless population.
I have only been here a month, but it is nice. Everything you would ever need is super close. It is all located on one strip. Everything is easy to find. Traffic is a little crazy but isn't jammed packed. They keep it clean for the most part. It isn't a fancy neighborhood but there are tons of parks everywhere and it isn't too far from the mountains.
I have lived in Lakewood, Littleton and Arvada and I have enjoyed each city within Jeffco. It's close to the mountains and usually above the smog in Denver.
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Jefferson County is a good county to reside in. There are job opportunities that meet just about everybody's criteria. The rental market is very high. There are a lot of different activities throughout Jefferson county. It is easy to commute via light rail, bus, or personal car to surrounding cities such as Estes Park.
They're presentation to the public is better than most counties are exceptionally higher and they respect you as an human being.
I grew up in Jefferson for the first 18 years of my life. I have many fond memories of the area and retrospectively I think it was a fantastic great to grow up and very family friendly. In my teen years I did discover a lack of night activities, but you are also right near the foothills which can make for some great adventures. There is also a lack of cultural diversity that I realized one I lived where I do now.
I really enjoy where I live! It's the gateway to the Rockies yet still close to the city! The school board definitely had some trouble in the past, no doubt about that, but they have been making the school board much better than it used to be.
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