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I love Howard County. It is extremely diverse whereas I can go to my local mall seven minutes from my house and hear several different languages being spoken by people from different countries. There are many immigrants who come to Howard County. Also, my area is very progressive and liberal. We also have some of the best public schools and colleges in the country. We have amazing community workers who keep our environment clean and modern. We have lots of different food places and there are lots of different things to do in my area. Lastly, Howard County has an extremely low crime rate and is very safe.
Howard County is a great place for families. The schools are some of the best in the nation, it has a very central location between Baltimore and DC, and is incredibly safe. Howard County not only has great schools, but it has a large mall, a plethora of restaurants and shops, and has Merriweather Post Pavilion where there are a lot of concerts. It's also very close to good universities such as UMBC and UMD, College Park. Howard County is a safe bubble between two major cities and an overall great place to live.
Having one of the best schools in the state, Howard county is more expensive than other counties, however, that’s one of the selling points of this county. I would not consider moving out to any other county! Even going to different counties I always notice how different the vibe is, and overall how different the people are from Howard county residents. It feels safe here, even in the relatively shadier places I still know I’m safe. The police are highly active and alert, ready to go at any moment. Overall, this is definitely the best place for a family to live in, and that’s coming from someone who is not from this country!
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I moved to Howard County in 12th grade and have been there ever since. the public schools are very good and its a safe place. Its safe and therefore there are a lot of of families that come and live here. Its also a Diverse place with plenty of job opportunities.
Howard County is a great, safe, and diversity county. If you travel to each end of the county, you will see the how diverse it is. The county's hub is Columbia, which is starting to look more urban. But there is also farmland on the edges. My only complaint is that the school system board is now redistricting kids based off of economic factors inside of geography. The Howard County Public School System is a wonder system in which every student as equal opportunities at every school, regardless of location, race, and financial status. However, the school board refuses to see the truth and declines to listen to the public's opinions. They only act on their own judgements.
Overall, it's a good place to live. The people are kind and there's more racial, ethnic, and religious diversity than anywhere else I've lived. The school quality can vary depending on where you're distracted, and there are often ignorant people no matter where you go. I do enjoy it as a place to live though, things are nearby and it's quite condensed so commute times are never that bad.
One of the most oppressive county governments and school boards I have ever experienced. Recent resolutions by the county council CR 112-2019 has called this minority majority county’s citizens racist. Another resolution CR 134-2019 encourages realtors to not disclose school assignments to prospective buyers. Essentially less-informed buyers are better for the county to force their wil on you. Run far, far away from Howard County!!
I love how Howard County is a diverse and welcoming neighborhood. I would love to see more younger people living in this area.
Howard County has great education and that was the reason we moved here. It has a great safety system and crime rates are pretty low. It is a pricier county than others because of its better education but it is still pretty affordable to live here.
Howard County has so many opportunities and activities it provides for the residents. Friends can meet up at the Columbia whether it’d be at the Mall or attend a concert at Merriweather Post Pavillion. Most of the neighborhoods are family-friendly and have very few to almost no criminal activity. Also the school systems do a descent job at helping students reach their goals in life.
A Beautiful area with rolling hills, quite neighborhoods, and a safe friendly atmosphere. Living in Howard county has been the best experience of my life! Absolutely beautiful.
Howard county has been an amazing place to grow up. I am confident that, without the opportunities living in this community has given me, I would not pursuing my dreams of architecture. The people of Howard County are extremely helpful and passionate about their careers. Home to the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Howard County is THE place to be during concert season. The Howard County policemen are extremely attentive and are held to the highest standard. Safety in schools is a top priority, as officers have been placed in every school. The Mall in Columbia is a centralized hub for entertainment, retail, and dining.
I got married to my husband in August of 2016 and he already had a home in Howard County. I moved in after we came back from our honeymoon. I love living in Ellicott City. It's beautiful land that is quiet.
Howard county has been a great place to live. The area is generally a quiet and safe place. My only complaint is that things can be a bit expensive sometimes.
Good schools, even though I've never been to a school outside of Howard County. People say our schools are good. I love the diversity of the whole place. It's amazing.
The area is developing and is becoming busier and more crowded. It is a very diverse area with a lot of activities. The area is very nice and so is the weather.
Move to Howard County when I was 12 years old and it was the best thing that ever happen to me. just recently brought a home in Howard County and I plan to raise my family here as well. Great place to raise a family!
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I like the diversity in Howard County. In most of the schools and neighborhoods, there are a lot of different people. Also, Howard County is safe and clean.
Howard County is a well rounded community. Once you enter you won’t want to leave. Super friendly people everywhere you go.
It's been 5 years since I started living in Howard County. It has been the most amazing place I have lived so far. The people here are so friendly. Schools are amazing! They prepare the students for their future.
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