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the things i like to honolulu country, is many things like 1. Play at Waikiki Beach
and The whimsical forests and rain of Seattle’s coast..
I really enjoy the beach life. Everywhere you look or want to go there is a beautiful beach. Everyone should get a chance to visit Hawaii in their lifetime. I was just lucky enough that my dad is stationed here with the Air Force.
It's Hawaii. The weather is great! The people are wonderful and the landscape is gorgeous. There are disadvantages however, the cost of living is high and salaries do have not been adjusted for this. The isolation makes everything expensive and somethings are hard to get. Many stores on the mainland do not ship here because of the cost. But the people are some of the nicest you will ever meet and the weather is the best in the world. You can adapt, just don't walk around comparing it to the mainland. For that matter don't call the mainland "the states" Hawaii is a state.
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There is always something to do and there is always an opportunity for a new adventure, meeting new people, and trying new foods. A good place to live with numerous job opportunities and places to live.
Honolulu is a very active community and supports a clean environment. The people are what makes Hawaii a unique place to live and raise children. The smiles on my neighbors help me understand that growing older in a place of paradise would be ideal.
Honolulu, Hawaii has amazing mountain and beach views, tons of family and adventurous things to explore and do. The school system is very poor, robbery and crime is very high, and cost of living is extremely high compared to other states in the country. The population is mostly made up of Hawaiians, Islanders, Japanese, and Military personnel.
The housing is very expensive, but there's not much people can do about it, because of the limited space.
It has been a decent place to live. Traffic is pretty bad because there is only one way to get around, so everyone has to use the same way. Cost of living is high, but it is expected when living in "paradise". I would not recommend settling down here long term, but living here for a few years and getting the experience has been pretty cool.
The area is well known by many and gives you a chance to meet a lot of new people. There's always something new to do around the island.
Hawaii is a very beautiful and friendly place to live in. The air is clean and there is so much to see. There is so much diversity not just in the people that you meet but in the food that you eat.
Greatest place in the world. Beautiful island, ocean, and creatures. People are kind, the culture is lurid, and the food is the greatest and most diverse. I enjoy going to the movies, bars, and restaurants. The worst aspect of this place is cost of living.
The city is very diverse! You learn from many unique cultures and you begin to feel very welcomed in Hawaii Nei!
The change I would like to see is less traffic and more space for these wonderful people.
I was born and raised here on the island of Oahu. I’ve seen so many things take place on this tiny rock, from kiawe trees and bushes to new malls and business buildings. I’ve always enjoyed the laid back lifestyle of living in Hawaii. I love the Aloha we all have within us. It is truly like no other place in the world. However, the more time goes by, the less Oahu I see. I loved how simple things were back in the days. Now I just see things as a way to attract more tourists which isn’t such an awful thing, but we need to focus on helping out Hawaii residents here. The cost of living is so high that some people have no option but to move away. We shouldn’t have to live pay check to pay check just to survive here. We live by the motto “you gotta do what you gotta do”. We’re left with more questions than answers.
Great place to live and work. Been living here since I was young and have be lucky to play spots year round. Went to public school and received a great education. The beach’s are great and the lifestyle is terrific. Would not want to live anywhere else. Wish there was more coordinated functions at the beach’s for teenagers but overall I enjoyed growing up in Honolulu.
Honolulu is a very touristy area. People from around the world always coming and going. You have many Japanese visitors. But you also have people from Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, and etc as well. Mainly in Waikiki, almost very location you come across is hiring. Hawaii has a very low unemployement rate but a really high homeless population. Unfortunately, Honolulu is one of the most expensive cities to live in. So most people have 2-3 jobs just to afford to live, pay rent, and have money for food. As paradise as Honolulu may seem, paradise does have its price.
I live on the North Shore of the county, but in a one stop light town where there isn't really anything to do and everything is super expensive.
I live in a safe environment surrounded by families. Nice location! Also, I'm close to all my favorite places to eat so that's a plus.
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Traveling to Honolulu is easy. Driving or taking the bus. Either way works. Both have a good travel time and distance. Going to the malls in town are great. There are a high rate of tourist that come to Hawaii everyday. Overall it's good to get out the house and look around Honolulu.
Honolulu is a busy place filled with Tourist and hotels and all kinds of shops. People are bad at driving especially those who are new to Honolulu. Traffic is terrible around 4 to 6 pm and you could be stuck in it even longer.
It's a beautifully scenic place with many different historical sites. There's always pretty decent weather so you can walk around and enjoy it. One of the only issues would be the homelessness... There can be a lot, sometimes parks and other public spaces are crowded with them.
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