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Its great, its... its home. I have lived in Hidalgo county for 17 years. Great cities great people, great places. It has it all
Hidalgo county is a beautiful county with many local cities, we get tourists around everywhere in mcallen, tx. McAllen is one of the most visited places with nice things to do and many views. Hidalgo county also has a lot of outdoor secret places such as the salt sea, Santa Ana wildlife refuge and the Butterfly trail. Night life in downtown McAllen is also a great way to spend the weekend!
Awesome! People are very nice, bilingual which is a priority since the county is near the border. We have very nice school and a nice downtown where all the party is at. Hidalgo county has also many Hispanic people, which I love since it makes us a little more diverse.
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Great access to any public needs. Price is average. Readiness among chaos. Perfect security. Great Place, however, there is not that much of places to go out.
McAllen has grown, because we are close to one of the places in the U.S.A. with least education that makes this area not very educated either, it shows on the way people talk(Some people curse), some have a defensive attitude, and same with some people from Mexico because it is the ones with not very much education that came to live here, so lack of education in people from the area and Mexico, not many good jobs, most jobs are bad one way or the other, so there are more problems affecting people, family problems related to money leading to other issues, so now we have t frustrated and down people leading to rudeness ( Ba
d customer Service), aggressiveness ( It shows in drivers), and in some cases crime, so basically McAllen has issues with lack of education in general.
I've lived in the Hidalgo County my entire life and I've seen it grow so much. I love how we have so many restaurants nearby us and a few other stores as well like Walmart and Dollar Tree. However, there's a lot of political competition that is a bit of annoyance but other than that the place is lovely and financially reasonable.
This is a very great place for food selection. I have enjoyed meeting the people who live in this area. If there were something to change, it would be to have more activities to do outdoors; such as a theme park.
Friendly people and diverse county. If you are craving any kind of food, you will 100% find it here.
I have lived in Hidalgo County all my life and loved every minute of it. I love the tranquility that it offers and the mid paced life style it provides for its residence. The cost of living itself is very affordable living in the middle class, however, job opportunities are beginning to become limited given the upcoming generations are very educated. If I had to change something I would provide more opportunity for the people of the valley.
There are not alot of recreactional activities to do in Hidalgo Texas. I wish our roads were better and it seems like I'm in a video game dodging pothholes and ridges on the street. In December we host a Christmas light festival and it helps the community come together.
I like the annual City lights during christmas time as well as the Border fest in March. I'd like to see more hands on experiences to grow and learn for the children aside than just the really small Youth center.
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