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There isn't much to do, it is Connecticut after all. But as long as you're near a major city, then you'll have a good time. New York is a better state
Very diverse and close community. There are a many educational opportunities as well as job opportunities in the area.
I like to see more programs for children after school to stop the violence. Affordable homes and everybody getting along with other people in the community.
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Hartford County is becoming a bad place. I personally want to get out of it because I do not want my kids growing up here.
Hartford is great area. Great work opportunities. Very much diverse.
It doesn't seem so family friendly. Certain areas are quite a bit dangerous
Could be better, not the best place to be but not the worst either. It isn't the safest and there are a lot of places that are run down. Needs to be updated and better support for poor communities. Some places are definitely nicer than others however.
Hartford has proven to be a terrible city where a lot of family’s cannot Progress. Although Hartford does have a lot of potential and can become one of the best city’s if locals learn how to live with one another
It's a good place once you get to know it. The people here are genuinely kind-hearted and the medical centers here are of the highest standard.
Hartford is a pretty descent city. There is a lot of diversity and amazing schools. Great education for everyone! However, safety within the county could be addressed a tad bit more. Overall it's a very nice place to live other than the taxes are a bit high.
Leave here my hole life. I like it here will strongly recommend to everyone who wants to move here. It’s beautiful and out going.
Hartford is not safe and the cops are nowhere to be found. There is alot of drinking and driving. The cops should be patrolling more often and have random check points to help with this issue. There are many hit a runs and many people driving without licence or worse without insurance and NOTHING happens the law is not enforced as it should be and this is the reason why these crimes continue to happen.
I rate Hartford County fairly well. My experience living here for the past 17 years has been very pleasant. In particular, I would say that most areas in Hartford County are safe, clean and good to raise a family in.
I am a Hartford county reside, who works in Hartford, CT. My children attends school in Hartford and Hartford county is diverse.
I live in East Hartford, CT and i find this a nice calm place to get things done. even though there is a lot of crime in certain towns we always find a way to make sure we try to stay safe and be positive no matter what.
I have always lived in Hartford, I love the uniqueness of it! Living on Downtown has been the best thing that has ever happened to me
I've lived in the Hartford County for years and loved living here. I work in the Hartford County and make pretty good money that I can suppose myself and my family.
I grew up in Hartford. Every thing is close and people are friendly. My experience growing up in Hartford was fun and life learning experience.
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I loved living here. It's overall beautiful but its expensive. The night life is great. I wish they had more clubs.
Hartford county is where I grew up, it's where I've felt the most safe and secure. People here just want to live there lives stress free here. It's a place of green warm summers, and cold cozy winters. There might be places better but not many, and those aren't for me anyhow.
Living in Hartford throughout my life I have seen development happen throughout various parts. I wish there was more on going events that would help the city of Hartford overall.
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