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It is a large suburban community! Everyone is friendly and it is very family oriented. There is lots to do; children's sports, community events, and even festivals in different neighborhoods.
What I like about Harris County is that people here don't need a lot of great places to visit in order to enjoy themselves. When we do want to go out and have fun there are places like outdoor theaters, shopping strips, and plenty of restaurants to visit.
Harris County is an affordable place to live in. There are many areas to hang out, even grocery stores are near. There is a place called Sweet Mango, and it's quite tasty. However, I would like to see more security within the county, because I feel unsafe walking. Moreover, they should leave the tennis court open. It's very difficult having to contact so many people just to go play tennis for one day.
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There are many social, recreational, and community services available. Harris county has a lot of good medical/health services, especially near the center of Houston in the Harris County area. There is a lot of diversity here, with big Latin American (Mexicans and Central American), Asian (Vietnamese), and black groups. There are also a lot of different religious places to go to as well. A downside of living here is that there are a lot of refineries, though how close you'd be to one depends on where you live.
I've lived in Harris County for over 6 years. It's the worst Texas county and reminds me of California. That should explain my point exactly.
my area is not the best but it's very home-like and comfortable. The housing is not very expensive but the school is not the best. My area probably lies in the middle. I would recommend living in this area if you would like to live somewhere affordable, and comfortable.
I like the construction that has been happening lately. By fixing the roads, our safety is ensured. I would like to see the change towards lower status areas to maintain their safety as well.
I like how Harris County has a diverse population. There are many different people of different ethnicities, races, and cultures. The public schools also offer very good education. I've attended the elementary school, middle school, and high school in Harris County schools and have been pleased with the education I have received. There is a lot of diversity in the students which has made attending school enjoyable.
Harris county is perfect the way it is. People here are very friendly. Schools are great. Just wish that gass didn't have to be kinda high at some gas stations
Born and raised big city gal! Love me some Texas. And yes, it is true: everything is, indeed, bigger in Texas.
Harris County is a good place to start a family in if you're a new couple. With a couple of starting homes, lots of opportunities to begin your career whenever it's business, medical, education, or any career paths that you are in. It's a good place for you to stay and enjoy the parks, the sun, and the exciting ways to enjoy your new life.
Harris County is a very nice place to live if you can afford housing and deal with bad drivers, it's in a city after all. The drivers here are not the best which compromises safety and the increasing population has raised commute times. It is quite a big county with plenty of things to do and places to eat. The sheer size of the county also allows for more businesses to operate, which allows more job opportunities. The flaws of Harris County are typical in a big city such as Houston, but for many people the perks of living in a city are worth it.
I have lived here for 10 plus years now and growing up in Harris has been a joy. From elementary all the way to starting college to earn a degree to get a nice job. Harris has good stores all food chains all around which have to best food.
Harris County is the center of Houston and everything is readily available. The environment is very friendly and conducive. The crime rate is low though it depends on the area you reside in. There is police patrol and the response time is very fast maybe 2 minutes. Shopping malls are easy to access and the cost of living is fairly low. There is job opportunity and it is mostly above the minimum wage level. It is not difficult to commute to anywhere in the city. There is the accessibility to education, the schools are located close to the residential area and when a student is registered he will not be allowed to go far away from the house. There are bus services for the schools. The environment is family-friendly and the people are welcoming. the housing system is also really good, cheap and affordable. I will like the county to improve on road repairs though they are trying their best but they should try harder.
My experience in Harris County is amazing. I have lived there all my life and would not want to live anywhere else. Everybody is really kind and friendly and there is a huge diverse population of people. Everyone that lives within Harris County has a story. The food here is great too.
my experience living in Harris county has been really boring. Mainly because there isn't a lot for me to do over here, like in my subdivision there is a park down the street but there are no swings or shade so nobody wants to go down there. some things that need to change is the roads because there are so many potholes in the streets that the mayor said he would fix but it hasn't happend yet.
The Harris County radias span is huge and extremely diverse. You have your nicer areas and slums, but overall not complaints.
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I've lived here my whole life. I feel like we have all the good and bad any normal county woul. I would raise my kids here. would let them go walking about not without someone especially at night but that just might be a parent thing.
My experience in Harris County has been above average since it is the only place I have ever lived in. Although, there have been ups and downs, it is still memorable.
I have lived in Harris County for 11 years now and I have love it here! The schools in Harris County are excellent. Over the years, there has been a decrease in fights and an increase in test scores. The area is populated with good restaurants and the traffic is moderate. One thing I would like to see is for roads to be completed as soon as possible. Construction allows for traffic to be backed up and it's a minor inconvenience.
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