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Greene County is great! They host many fun events that bring the community together. There are lots of things to do and lots of history to explore. The views are amazing; mountains fro miles!
The thing I like most about Greene county is the affordability of rent here. People are generally friendly but often I find people here are a little close minded.
I grew up in Greene County. It is a nice distance away from Charlottesville if you want to be closeby but not living in.
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It's very small but beautiful. The Blue Ridge Mountains are very cool too. The school system works hard to bring the best opportunities to its students, and the community is always growing.
The public school here isn't the best, but it's pretty okay
high school is involved with a near by community college so you can earn college credits
if you like non-urban living area this place is nice
if you enjoy hiking there's lots of places you can go
Everyone knows everyone. Most people live here there whole life. Some people leave and visit.
Break ins have become an issue, but not much more than that.
Its a small town, if thats your type of thing then its perfect.
Depending on where you live you can always find something fun to do or good to eat
We are in a rural area with larger yards. There are some subdivisions but the houses are not on top of each other.
We have the big chains like Walmart, Lowes, CVA and fast food chains. There is NO Laundromat and one small Anytime Fitness. All the smaller restaurants are Italian and have the same food. Not a lot of variety.
There is not a lot of larger chains in the area.
A lot o opportunity for people in the military.
We get all 4 seasons and nothing to extreme.
We have no local Community Center within the county/city we live. There is no park or area that has a paved path/trail to walk or ride a bike. The county park has a trail but it is through the woods and is dirt so if there is any rain or it is wet you get muddy. There is also no local swimming pool For the size of the community you would think they would have more local stuff but they rely on the surrounding larger town 20-30 miles away for everything.
its a small town so we have what is expected of small towns. a grocery store, 3 gas stations, pharmacy, and Dollar Store. only 2 restaurants. but its a small country town so it is what we expect. have to drive 10 miles to get to Walmart, Lowes, Foodlion and more gas stations and some fast food.
Businesses are good locally owned.
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Good job available based on on skill set.
Greene is very rural. Up the mountain we have the Shandendoah National Park that's accessible. We have a cute local park, but it needs more work to make it the best it can be. We have lots of access to different lakes/ponds/rivers/woods/fields/mountains.
It really depends where you are in the county to ask these questions. Some neighborhoods have several for sale signs, others not. Some neighborhoods have huge up kept lots, others are run down trailer parks.
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