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Gallia County Ohio is a rural area that is close knit and friendly. There are beautiful hills and valleys and it is where the original Bob Evans was born. However, there's not a lot to do.
Gallia County is a small rural country area. We are a community that comes together when help is needed which is nice and you do not get that in bigger cities.
clean town. more to do and it is comeing up in this growing economy. new pop up stores every week or so. the city park always has something going on. i believe that they have a parade for every holiday. christmas time is the best they have beautiful christmas lights, santas house, chrtimas trees dedicated to several people that have left us to early. they have christmas music playing. this year we lost our santa clause that was with us for may years and they left the lights up in his honor. gallia county is full of all kinds off diffrent experiance good and bad.
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My county used to flourish economically years ago when my grandparents first moved here. Now, businesses are falling away, the drug epidemic has hit our country hard and there's not much done about it. My plan is to go to college and move away. Even though there are some sentimental things I will miss from Gallia County, I do not see it as a place I want my children to grow up in.

My father works at a local power plant which he claims will be gone within ten years. My mother, a nurse, at our local hospital also has concerns about her job's stability.

Because of the high amount of folks on welfare, and the high, obvious use of heroin in our area, people and their families are moving away.

And for those who choose to stay, there's not a lot to do around here. We have a shopping mall about an hour away, across state lines. We have a local Walmart, and an ice skating rink is located about another hour away.
Great small town. Got things for kids and families. Good variety of places to eat and a few bars. If you can't find what you would like to eat it's a 45 min drive to get some other great food.
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