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I am currently a resident of Fluvanna County. I attend Fluvanna County High school and contribute to their society on a day to day bases. Fluvanna has given me great opportunities and has aloud me to grow as the person I am today. Fluvanna is a fantastic place for family living and a safe place to most. I have always felt comfortable in Fluvanna County and will continue to grow in such a place.
It’s an alright town kind of in the middle of nowhere nothing too extremely exciting. there’s a little bit of a problem with drugs but that kind of comes with being in a rural area with nothing to do.
Fluvanna is awful with their finances. The right goals are in mind, but the strategies they use to achieve them are inefficient. For example, a new high school was needed, but a 66 million budget that went entirely into debt was unecessary.
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Fluvanna is easily accessible from interstate. Both Richmond and the City of Charlottesville are easily accessible. Fluvanna has everything to offer an outdoor enthusiast could want : river, lake, hiking trail, horse back riding trails, large public parks and so much more !
I have found Fluvanna County to be a very accepting county. The people are friendly. It is a beautiful, charming county. It does have a higher cost as far as housing that could be improved. There is also room for improvements in the schools and in the road maintenance in the county. I have fallen in love with the area overall though.
Everything is close and easy to get to. Fluvanna could use more businesses around the area though, which would give people living in the area more job opportunities.
Fluvanna County is a great place to raise children. There are county parks, hiking trails and a beautiful county public library. The grades in the schools are split up a lot different than most counties. The taxes are higher than our neighboring county (Albemarle) by almost ten cents, and our property assessments are lower.
Fluvanna has become a "bedroom" community for families who can't afford to live in the more popular cities.
I don't like Fluvanna Counties Board or their lack of decision making. We need more businesses big and small in this county to help pay for our resources and to lower our taxes.
Fluvanna County has good and bad qualities. The good are that neighbors are nice, friendly, and respectful. There are few restaurants to eat at, but my favorite is Asian Cafe. The service is great and my family has been going there for years. On the other hand, the lack of resturants is unfortunate because there are few options. Another bad quality is thewater bill, it is often expensive.
I grew up in Fluvanna, It is very friendly and everyone knows everyone. I loved it because if I ever needed anything I could always ask my next door neighbors. It is a friendly town and good for families. I would recommend it to anyone.
I have lived in Fluvanna since preschool. It is a very small county so it is family-friendly. There are barely any businesses and if there are they are struggling. Because of the lack of businesses there are not many job opportunities. The cost for living here is very high. There is rarely crime here. There is not much diversity.
It is rural Virginia and very isolated. We have very limited opportunities here. The cell service is bad and the internet service is practically non existent. You have to drive at least 30 minutes to a store or to find a decent job.
The roads in the area could use better maintenance. No one come out to fix the potholes until they are big enough to swim in which i deem as a problem especially for motorcyclist like myself. The houses are mostly older ones that have been passed down through generations. because there is only one station in the heart of town and the county goes in all directions along curvy roads response times could be better.
the community is getting better, but its a small town so there is only so much influx the community wants. the town is made up of more farms and trees than anything and it would be sad to see a change
I have never felt unsafe in this area.
It is a very pretty area, but not much to do.
the rate of crime is low
I love this area, the school, and the education is really good.
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There are many police officers that live nearby so I feel completely safe. Also there hasn't been any crimes, that i've heard of, in the area. So I would consider this a pretty safe place to live.
I love where I live. I love the many farms around me, and I especially love the fact that I have almost eleven acres of land. I love exploring the woods on my property. Our neighbors are extremely nice and the whole atmosphere of this town is really great. I would rate this town an 8 out of 10. I love the privacy, I love the farms, and I love the woods. The only thing I don't like, is the fact that you have to drive at least twenty minutes to get to any store.
I love living in Scottsville. I have lived in Fluvanna County my whole life and prefer to live here.
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