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I visited Escambia County in January 2019. After that I decided to moved here from central of Florida late of June 2019. I found this place is safe, very convenience commute time, people are very friendly, and a lot of potential opportunities here. Especially I am going to school here. I love this place.
There is always crime in Escambia County but the schools are pretty good there needs to be more to do around here though
Escambia County Florida is a quaint portion of Pensacola, FL. With the close proximity to the powdery beaches of Pensacola Beach in Santa Rosa County, yet immediate access to the downtown Pensacola night life. Escambia is a tiny mecca when it comes to family activities, with it's rich family focused youth sports, recreation centers, monthly community events, ranging from Tia chi, swing dancing, senior citizen athletics, and quite a number of established cross-fit programs. Come scratch the surface and discover the gem of diverse, equitable, and clean fun in Escambia County!
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Pensacola is a family and retirement area. The beaches are a great tourist attraction for those visiting from out of state. It has a great historic district with museums and fine dining. However, it has become a little congested due to more people moving to the city. The crime rate is on the rise. There are not enough jobs offered to all people. The education system is not very good for the kids. The school are not scoring well nationally. Improvements have to be made if the city is going to thrive again. It starts with government putting laws in place that will help with employment for all people. They can't even rent an apartment. I believe that is fair. Those who do not have college degrees but have the experience should be considered for more positions. Its going to take a joint effort with the city, county, state, and government to make a difference. Give them a opportunity to live and then a promising life.
I have lived in Escambia County my whole 19 years of life. It's definitely home to me, and I know it like the back of my hand. The people are generally very loving and friendly (it is the South afterall), and easy to get along with. While the county could do better with the crime rates, I have never ran into trouble. The neighborhoods are beautiful and friendly, but there are way too many decrepit areas. The community could work a little harder to make it nicer, but it is a lovely place to live.
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