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Erie County is a nice place to live, but also very costly. There is lots of things to do in Erie whether it's going to a Buffalo Sabres game, going skating with your friends at Canalside or enjoying the city of Buffalo. The only problem with Erie County is the price. The taxes are among the worst in the country and the price of living here can be very expensive. This region is also known for its snow, so if you're planning to live here, be ready for that. Overall, I believe Erie County would be a very pleasant place to live if not for the taxes.
Erie county is a very diverse, close knit community with very low crime. Anyone and everyone who lives in Erie county considers themself a Buffalonian. Great College town/area
The east side of erie county is run down and neglected by the city. people are starting to bring it back to life by adding more expensive property to the area but other parts of erie county are flourishing right now
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I have lived in Erie county my entire life. I have overall had a pleasant experience living in this county for all 27 years. I would recommend all families to live here. This county has grown alot over the years and has had new and upcoming developments. Every county has its pros and cons but i think the pros outweigh the cons.
Erie is a nice city with beautiful summer. Lake Erie is the best place to visit for fun with friends and families.
Awesome place to live, great place to raise a family. Not a lot of violence and great school districts. Get a good education that other states don't get the privilege to have.
They're always fixing roads that don't need to be fixed and ignore the ones that do.
Although I don't care for the way the new education is developing, its a good town.
There isn't a lot of major crime. Just kids stealing from a store periodically or a drunk homeless man wondering around, which the police respond to in a reasonable time
It's ok living here. It's nice and for the most part quiet, but there really isn't much to do
There isn't much crime at all besides the occasional young kid trying to steal loose change from open cars at night. My neighborhood is really safe considering it is mostly families living there. Police usually are parked at random corners to make sure people are not speeding, but if there is a problem they are quick to respond.
I live in a suburb with my family, so I don't really have anything to complain about. Most of the people that live there are families just like us. I like it also because it isn't super loud or chaotic. Most people are very friendly and welcoming, besides the occasional families who think they are better than everyone else. I also love it here because my childhood friend still lives here as well. I would choose to live here again when I start a family.
Not much crime in area
Love Lancaster. Not far to go to get what you need
Lancaster police are down the street. some even live on my street.
Living in this area is great. my neighbors are very friendly
I love living here. The neighbors around here are great and we are all friends.
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There is not a lot of crime. If there is ever something that happens, the police is very fast at responding.
All of my neighbors have lived here since their houses were built around 20 years ago. People rarely move out, and most of the residents have pets. The community is so welcoming.
We have three policemen that live in my neighborhood, which creates a safe atmosphere. I rarely hear about crimes other than the occasional speeding ticket.
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