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I love the view of Pikes Peak and the ability to go to the mountains easily. I would like to see less traffic and more affordable housing.
El Paso county has good and bad qualities. Overall it’s an average place to live, but don’t live in any mobile homes unless you can deal with flash floods.
It is a great place to live and work. It’s a friendly community and a nice place to raise a family. The only down fall is the price of living and the high housing market. It’s very hard to purchase a home due to the high value of homes. But ultimately it’s a beautiful area. You cannot get enough of the Mountain View’s and the green trees and hills.
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El Paso County has a lot to offer with a cute downtown and lots of outdoor experience to gain! Denver is only a short drive away for a big city getaway!
El Paso County has nice people, great hiking, good food, and quality of living. I would recommend it to anyone.
I’ve lived in El Paso my entire life and I believe that out of all of Colorado it is the safest place and it gives you a great view of the mountains!
Construction is absolutely horrible for most of the year, but overall the driving experiences are good.
A solid, beautiful place to live and to serve in any type of career. Amazing Mall's Hospitals, places of service, Restaurants, Neighborhoods and so so much more. I was raised in here in a Californian Family, and I'd never want to live anywhere else in the US so much more!
The best part of El Paso County is all the activities that can be done. It is family friendly but also has a young vibe with new breweries coming to town and plenty of opportunities to spend time in the gorgeous outdoors.
I love everything about El Paso County, its clean and very friendly. There's a lot of things to do around the county and its a great place to live.
I would like to see people appreciate police more. If people would stop breaking the law and listen when they arrived people wouldn’t be getting hurt or killed.
El Paso County in Colorado is the most beautiful area I've ever lived in. There is so much diversity when it comes to landscapes and scenery. There are magnificent gigantic Red Rocks and huge boulders that make up Pike's Peak. I love the people, the local business is amazing, and I wouldn't live anywhere else!
I like living here, but I wish Apartments were a little cheaper. The schools are excellent and I feel very safe here. There are plenty of job opportunities, but a lot of them require experience or specializes education. It’s very family and pet friendly. The diversity is okay.
I have lived in El Paso County since 1972. This area tends to be a fairly politically conservative place to live. Sadly, our area is not worker friendly. However, the wonderful surroundings and weather outweigh any negatives mentioned above. I raised two children and one granddaughter here and would not change a thing. Open Space is important to bicyclists and hikers. The arts are growing as well as the opportunities for various artists to become involved.
This is the most beautiful city. Writhing with opportunities for success and raising a family. There are so many places to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. You get to enjoy an ever changing weather forecast keeping life from ever becoming dull.
Great small city it is safe and you cant go wrong with Mexican food but traffic is bad with construction as it is. Job opportunities are hard and pay is cheap since cost of living is cheap as well.
There are many things to love about El Paso County, CO. First, the scenery is absolutely stunning! Pikes Peak and the Front Range set an amazing backdrop! This provides not only beauty, but also a sense of direction, because you always know which way is west. Second, the weather, although a little wacky, is usually nice. You may have snow in May and 65 degrees in January, but you have 4 seasons and you almost always have bright blue skies. Third, the people of El Paso County are generally generous, calm, and kind. They are pleasant people to live among, work with, and interact with. Fourth, whether your interests are artistic, outdoorsy, or historical, there are lots of things to do. There are however a few serious downsides to El Paso County. The first is there is an enormous homeless population. From downtown to the outskirts, you will encounter panhandlers pretty steadily. Second, it really feels like an enormous suburban sprawl along the I-25 corridor.
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Been a resident of Colorado Springs since January of 2014. This is an amazing area and beautiful places to visit all over the region. If you like to go outdoors as much as I do, then there is no better place in my opinion. The public school system here could be better, and more focus on improving our local children's academic well-being should be a higher priority.
Colorado is Colorado. Different weather, different people. Beautiful view of the mountains. the people are chill. win win
It is a great place to live but very expensive. If you like hiking there are great trails just minutes away. We need affordable rents they are way to high.
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