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I have lived in East Baton Rouge Parish my entire life. I love the community built into the parish and the small local shops throughout the town. I will say the safety is not the greatest especially in the area I reside in. Other than that I enjoy living in East Baton Rouge Parish.
Thus far, in total 30 years of living in EBR Garden District, my love for this area is deep seeded. I have lived here watching this area change drastically but stay true to its heritage. The homes dating back to the 1800s with new paint jobs and stories of past families to tell. The same pavement to the streets off Perkins Road. St. Patricks Days parades post Covid-19 giving us memories for generations. Small shops still the same. New restaurants, old building. I love this area close with better school district opportunities. The Garden District rich in history although the founders didnt think of today growth. We wouldnt change this area for anything in the world, not even for the last Mardi Gras bead.
In this community the people are very kind but clicky. It is a very conservative community so as a moderate it is hard to be accepted by some people. Traffic is a nightmare on the weekdays and the community has very bad drivers.
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It's okay. Ive I've lived here for a while but I am ready to explore other areas. Not much the city offers.
There are good sports programs for kids in school, however most of the schools either have good sports or good education opportunities; there is rarely both. The food is good and the area is fairly safe and family friendly.
The part of East Baton Rouge Parish that I live in is an upcoming city. It has been on the uprise for many years now, and there have been so many improvements. I recently came home from college, and I am amazed at all of the changes- new businesses, new living areas, etc.- being offered in this small city.
East Baton Rouge (EBR) is affordable, has lots of great food places, very good libraries with several computers, has three of the biggest colleges (Southern, LSU, Baton Rouge Community College), many Walmarts and dollar stores which I love, really accessible my car, people for the most mart are very nice, and pretty safe.
I like that I do not have to drive a far distance to go to the grocery store or to a doctors appointment. Baton Rouge is big, but essential businesses such as banks, urgent cares, stores, etc... are all in close proximity of neighborhoods. Baton Rouge also have great Charter, Private, and Public School. It's a nice place to live. There is a lot of family friendly activities. My kids love to go to the children's museums and the USS Kid.
Overall has good Southern hospitality. People are willing to help others especially in times of need or during natural disasters. Crime has increased over the years.
I actually live on the outskirts of Baton Rouge and I have loved it! For me, it is a nice balance to live in a less crowded part of town, but be a quick drive to all of the places found in the city.
The city desperately needs infrastructure work of the roads and canals systems. Although the people here are the most generous, loving, and spirited people you will ever meet.
I love Louisiana, period, nicest people in the world and best food in the world. We have clean, friendly neighborhoods, events and lots of fun.
It's okay. Living in a midsized city offers you to convenience of food and activities but the draw back is traffic
I like that EBR Parish is diverse , there's no place like home. I love the food, music , and the community.
I lived in East Baton Rouge from the time I was 1 to 19. If you want a good education you have to pay to go to a private school, and if you want to have fun there is nothing to do. This is why it is so unsafe and so many people are doing things underage.
There needs to be a focus on increase in gainful employment opportunities, public school improvement and a decrease in violent crime in the area
It is a city with lots of okay schools and companies around. The infrastructure is very behind on fixing things like roads. It is a major city housing well known Universities like LSU and SUBR.
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There should be more resources invested in the city - healthier food options, more family and adult entertainment, etc. Traffic is horrible.
There are lots of shops around as well as good restaurants. The neighborhoods are relatively safe but it is easy to find yourself in a bad area. The LSU/Bluebonnet/ Perkins area is pretty nice and safe
It's small but there are some great people here with lots of cultures. The city just needs to capitalize on its people and create more activities for them to enjoy.
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