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Overall, Culpeper is a great place to live. There a few certain things it lacks like more stores, and especially family recreation centers. Neighbor counties have recreation centers available, but Culpeper lacks in this area.
Culpeper itself, is a wonderful town. The scenery here is one of the best that I've seen. I love the openness, the nature, and all the animals that reside here. I love seeing that large buck on the side of the road, or the three little cubs that I didn't stop to see because I knew there was a momma bear nearby. But the people of Culpeper are a whole different story. I'm a waitress in the middle of town, so I do get the best of the best around here. But the people that are so horrid and horrific really make you dislike Culpeper.
The town is very quiet. Not much chaos. However, the town of Culpeper need more activities for the children.
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Good combination between rural and suburban living. Plenty of fast food and chain restaurants as well as local fare. Farmers market spring to fall introduces citizens to local farms. Love Moving Meadows Farm bakery downtown. The streets roll up when the lights go down. Wish there was more cultural diversity and night life options that were safe.
It was alright living here. Coming from New York the atmosphere and people are different here so I had to get custom. Southern hospitality and food is really good and I probably did run into some racist people at times but it's whatever because at the end of the day there are a bunch of ignorant people in this world.
I like that there is enough shopping and entertainment here that almost everything you need can be done without leaving the county. The recreational areas are somewhat limited, but what is available is in good shape, and the police department here is friendly and helpful.
Culpeper County is a small town where everyone knows everyone. A large amount of the community is very involved and it keeps everyone happy. In old town culpeper, there is always events and organizations holding programs. One thing I would change about culpeper is the night life. After 8:00 majority of the town is home. The only time anyone ever really comes out is when its the opening night for a show at the movie theater. By working in a local business in old town, it was very easy to get used to when business would be slow or pick up. For anyone who plans to move to culpeper, I suggest that they like to be social because of the fact that everyone knows each other.
Small town where everybody knows everybody. I really enjoyed growing up there and love going back to visit. It is a small town that has everything from serenity and peace to farming to shopping and lots of great local eateries with good old fashioned southern cooking.
Culpeper is such a small yet expanding county. The schools are good and offer many opportunities for such a rural area. The town itself is quite cute and there are always events going on.
Culeper is an amazing area to live. With rich art culture and history, this area is a fantastic area to raise a family. The school system is the only downfall to this area.
I like Culpeper, the people are nice, and there is a lot of rural area. There is not as much entertainment as a larger town or city would have, but you can find something to do. There is a bowling alley and movie theater. The only downside of Culpeper County is the people and the school system. The people are nice, yes, but many of them are from the back country and are not as open-minded as others. The school system is overcrowded.
Culpeper is just convenient enough to necessities, but just rural enough to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It has a lower cost of living, but still great public schools. There is no 'nightlife', but there are wineries, breweries, restaurants, and lots of historical activities.
I have lived in Culpeper County Virginia almost all of my life. When my family moved to culpeper when I was 5, it was a nice quiet town with not too many stores around. Now, 15 years later culpeper is an exponential growing town that has had many stores added. It is still a small town, but with plenty of stores to fulfill almost every need for its residents. I think it was a great place to grow up for my childhood.
Culpeper is a great place to live if you like small towns. It's a great place for families. Culpeper is also close to D.C. If someone worked in D.C. but wished to live away from the loud, cramped city, Culpeper would be a great place to go.
Culpeper is a small town, considered the most southern part of northern Virginia. It has grown recently over the past 10 years. Its culture and diversity has flourished. The board of supervisors tends to be disconnected from the community, although new persons are forcing the BoS to respond to their viewpoints.
Culpeper is an ok place to live. You can get a lot of house for your money, but you need to travel in order to have a social life. Jobs don't pay very much here and school system is not the greatest.
Culpeper is a beautiful county with many parks and places to go shopping or for entertainment. The shops in downtown Culpeper bring the town to life. The neighborhoods are nice and just about everyone is friendly.
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Culpeper is growing in population and has just about every business you could need close by. A larger city is near and offers more opportunities.
Culpeper has improved greatly over the last several years incorporating new businesses in the area while maintaining its charm and country feel. The area location is ideal for commuting to cities such as Charlottesville or into the Northern Virginia/ DC area.
I like personally how Culpeper has changed over the past 20 years from just being a small town to a flourishing town with many different businesses and services. I would like to see the town of Culpeper stop putting developments in because it puts a huge demand on the current utilities and raises current residences bills especially takes away land to hunt on and for farms which is not right at all.
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