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I love living in this county. The community is great and the environment around here is very calming.
It's a great, diverse community filled with interesting places to study at, hang out, and have some fun. Everyone that I've met at Contra Costa County was very welcoming, supportive, and nice.
Contra Costa is an average place to live. There is many places you can go if you are bored. I have been living in Contra costa since I was a little girl and I don't have many complains.
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Contra Costa county is a lovely place to live and grow a family. I have lived here for most of my life and it is constantly improving. The highway was just redone so now the transition from the highway into town is less congested and more safe for drivers. The town is small so it is perfect for a growing family with many public schools for kids to go to.
I would like to see more fun things to do because I've lived here my entire life and it gets boring sometimes of seeing the same things.
The teachers for the most part were intelligent and helpfull, but the schools in general were horrible. Half the bathrooms were broken. When teachers were absent we would have to sit in the room and do nothing.
Not enough for youth and adults to do. No nightlife outside of bars. Schools no longer the desired schools and mostly good to retire
Everything is fine. no doubt about it.I love this county there are some few areas needs help with it.
It can feel closterfobic at times with all the traffic. Depending on the city, there can be some very biased attitudes towards race. However, one can easily find something fun to do not far away from where they live. Having a bart system really helps when getting around.
Contra Costa County is a very nice area in the East Bay. There are nice schools, easy transportation with BART, making the rest of the bay area accessible. The housing varies from new housing to more vintage housing. In areas like San Ramon and Walnut Creek you can find more of an upscale and modern area for shopping and eating. In Concord/Pleasant Hill/Martinez it varies. It is overall a very safe area.
What are the city officials doing to make the community safer to live? Roads are unkept and patrol cars are quick to give tickets.
I like Contra Costa County because of its diversity. So many job opportunities all around, and friendly
It's a great place to raise a family, there are a wide range of places to go and spend quality time with loved ones. Growing up here has been a wonderful experience.
I love how small it is. I live in Crockett and the people are all very nice and for the most part everyone keeps to themselves. I would love to see an increase of local jobs. The C&H Sugar factory is in town and they are a great place to work for however, not everyone can work the hours they are asking for. I would love to see businesses flourish in this town again.
Growing up in this county allowed me the opportunity to see all aspects of it. Some ares are run better and have more resources than others, but overall it is a good place to live. I would like to see more funding go into public education because there is so much potential and a lot of it is overlooked depending on what school that attend.
Contra Costa county has helped me so much in the few years ive lived in California. I love that there's so much to do and everything is close. Contra Costa has a lot of resources for young single mothers for school, housing, food ext.
I live in Brentwood, and it is a great and booming town. Bored? No worries, there re multiple activities and restaurants to explore of all kinds, from large business to mom and pop.
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I have been attending Contra Costa College for more than 3 years. The professors are great, and the facilities are improving every year. There are many services and things to do in this area, and I go out every week with my friends. We go out every weekend to play basketball with good public courts, and we have many options and variety in places to eat.
Wonderful schools and great communities. Very beautiful but not as much to do in this area. If a person wants activities to do, they must travel to get to the city or any bigger cities.
Contra Costa is a hot spot for California history. You can visit one of the many sites around the Bay where Warships were built and memorials stand for the soldiers and riveters that served our country.
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