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its as great place for a family to live and there's lots of nice people that live here. Alsp, its a pretty diverse place too, with lots of places to go.
I have enjoyed living in Collin County for the last few years. It has many places with diverse and amazing places to experience exquisite cuisines. Moreover, this place is excellent for anyone wanting to live considering it is the seventh most populous county in Texas. Specifically, Mckinney, a city in Collin County, is one of the safest areas to live in the entire country. There many opportunities for people to find jobs in this county.
Amazing people. Probably one of the best locations to live in Texas. Allen especially because it is a beautiful city with heartwarming people.
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I like how when the COVID-19 pandemic occured near our area, the county made it mandatory for all people to wear masks while out. I believe this is because Collin County cares about its residents health. They took the necessary precautions in order to keep everyone safe.
Collin county is a good place to reside especially if you like to walk around in areas. It is safe and i love how the malls are just almost anywhere.
I have been living there and everything is close by. I have all my friends and the schools are nice.
I love the home-like feeling in Collin County. People are friendly, and I believe it is pretty safe here. A lot of construction is going on in the northern part of the county. Everything is clean. It's great!
Collin County has a wonderful way of keeping that small-town vibe with big city attractions. It is a wonderful place to live!
Collin County is an absolutely great place to live, all the parents living in it care very much about the community and do everything in their power in order to keep it safe and clean.
A booming area with population growth everywhere. Lots of new homes, and the local community college (with three campuses!) is a good option for folks trying to save on their education.
Collin county is an amazing place to live, work, and play. The cities of Plano, Frisco, and Allen are growing extremely quickly. The diversity has grown especially for Asian residents. Nothing else to say, but it’s an amazing county to live and to raise a family.
Very friendly, many job opportunities for seniors, active senior community, this is a county that supports our seniors and it is growing and expanding with new senior facilities.
I like how everything is pretty much close to everything. The education is great. There is also good public transportation but I would suggest there be public transportation in Frisco which they do not have now. I have never had problems with security. It is very diverse. It could use something to make it a unique place to visit so people around the world come here. There is the most job opportunities in the frisco area though because of all the fast paced and pressure working there is.
Lived here for as long as I can remember and it’s a really good place to go to school and live. There are many parks for kids to play and also if you have fur babies there are even more parks for your dogs to run around and play. The houses in this area are more affordable than I feel like other places are. Many places to go shop or eat.
Ever since I have move to Collin County, I have absolutely loved my stay here. There are plenty of nearby shops and stores that fit my needs, which is what I care about the most. For the most part I have lived in McKinney, Texas, which started out pretty rural and became more urban as time has passed. About 3 years ago there was a lot of construction on the highway 75, but now its all cleared up and the roads are new and smooth. Now I have no complaints at all.
I liked the diversity as well as the affordability. I wasn't much of a fan of a lot of the professors and coursework.
Collin County is an amazing area to live in. It is incredibly beautiful. It is filled with family fun. Collin County is a great place to go to college as well because we have a college campus. It is a great place to be at any age for anyone interested in the suburban lifestyle.
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I love Collin County! There is so much to do in this area and everything is within driving distance. I used to live in East Texas, and it was harder to find fun things to do that weren't 30+ minutes away. In this area you don't have to go far to find anything and everything you need.
Collin County is a great area, and the schools feed into Plano Independent School District. This school system is very competitive but offers a wonderful education. Collin County is considered part of Dallas; however, downtown Dallas is about a 30 minute drive away if not in rush hour. There are few oppurtunities for walking in Collin County, most people drive or take the bus.
Collin County is one of the best cities in Texas, it's so family friendly and the plano educational system is really effective. It also has Plano East Senior High School which offers the International Baccalaureate program and Health and Science program.
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