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Its very cozy, and good schools! I love the atmosphere, neighborhoods are very nice looking too. They just added more businesses so thats nice.
I LOVE Vancouver~ Our County Parks Commission provides and promotes quality of life. We have impressive well-stocked Libraries, lots of citizen educational events. We have an excellent Public School System, Junior College and WSU, Washington State University 4 year respected and diverse curriculum University.

Our city WORKS to make it a good place to make it your home generation after generation. Our Police and Fire Departments are well-trained, compassionate, professionals. Our citizens are civically proactive and reinforce good citizenship and community involvement for the values and direction of our city future to be of pride. Also, ther are miles-n-miles of maintained hiking trails or our new Waterfront Park!
Great weather for half the year...rainy and overcast the other half. Advantages include no state income tax, while just across the bridge there is no sales tax in Oregon. Pacific ocean beaches are two hours away and skiing is only one hour away. Columbia River Gorge scenic area has waterfalls, hikes and quaint towns on the river.
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I feel like the Clark county located in Vancouver wa is a very good and safe community. Although the community has some struggles with money and overall housing prices increasing causing people to move is in issue. I feel like Clark county should really take the community into more consideration with the pricing of stuff like groceries, rent, etc. Although some of these issues cause our community to struggle, Clark county is still a really good and strong community.
I love being here! The community is great and everyone is treated with respect; in my experience at least!
I have had a good experience growing up in Clark County, specifically Battle Ground. It is a safe place to raise kids and I attended CAM Academy for a number of years which really set me up for success as I continued my academic pursuits. I am happy to have been raised in such a beautiful place but I am also ready for a change of pace and to experience life someplace else! I wish there was more value placed on the arts and human diversity because I feel like it is certainly lacking.
You can stroll through neighbors, their are lot of parks to visit. Big als is a great hangout spot for younger kids. High school teens tend to hid at coffee shop such as Black Rock to study. Variety of place to eat whether in be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I would like to see more environment friendly things.
Our roads are awful! Way to much traffic. We are a suburb of Portland Oregon and the traffic here has gotten out of control!
Great, safe community. Very convenient for getting around. Great schools as well as a community college which allows parents the convenience of staying with their children as they grow up.
Clark is a good County. I wish they'd fix the drains in roads because we face a lot of flooding in some areas. And the roads could use some patch work. Do hear too much about crime in the about real.
Clark County is where I have lived my entire life, and I could not think of a better place to live! The community is lively and always willing to help each other. The people are kind, hard workers, and people who want to live a great life.
It's a pretty quiet area to live in. Great place for settling down but not so much of a great place for adventures. Although we have Portland near by and Seattle a couple of hours away, the area doesn't have very many things for teenagers or children to do. Adults can go to the club but that would get boring after some time. The area needs more fun things to do. Overall though, the area is a safe and calm place to live in especially if you don't want all that traffic or loudness.
I have lived here for 27 years. I've visited other places, but I always want to come back here. This is my home. I love the Pacific Northwest.
I have not had any dealings with the police but I have connections to the under sheriff and I have faith in the capabilities of our local police task force. that being said thankfully we do not have a lot of crime to test the capabilities of our officers.
The schools are very good, its close the freeway if you need to go anywhere, there are parks and even some hiking trails, and all the stores and social amenities someone would need.
Vancouver is a very nice place to live. It's close to the city of Portland without being too close, and has a small-town feel despite its size. The town is mostly made up of young families and the schools are some of the best. The people are friendly and very community focused, and are always trying to improve the area. They also very health-focused and habitually exercise, eat organically, and do their part to recycle. The only downside to this town is that it's becoming over populated and it could be more sidewalk friendly. There are still plenty of areas where it's dangerous to walk alongside the road, and public transportation could be more widespread.
several local fire departments and county sheriff stations throughout the county; good presence
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Fred Meyers, Safeway, Albertons. Not many small mom & pop stores; mostly small chain stores
farm and agg use to the north; railroad; logging; paper products;
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