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Overall, there is nothing much to complain about. A nice place to get an education with good people.
Clark County is an amazing area to live in. Their system is very attentive towards children's education by making sure each school has opportunities for everyone. Clark County had also been super supportive during the Covid-19 pandemic by ensuring that there was food available for children to come and pick up.
I am very happy to to being in a resident in Clark County. It is a family friendly neighborhood. It is a safe and affordable community to live in.
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I believe this county has done well for the most part, however some teachers seem to not truly try to teach the students while there are others who care about the students very well.
I would like to see parks that encourage people to play more sports. In my childhood, I was have to travel hours just to get to football practice. It would've been cool to have a park for football nearby.
I have a good experience with Clark County. I made a lot of friends and I have wonderful teachers and coaches. The things that I like about Clark County is how they try to help our community and get everyone involved including the parents. I love how they put the students education first and how they make decisions that will benefit the school. I love how they are very supportive and are willing to help us through anything.
I loved living and learning in Clark County. Though I wish things weren't so rough in some places but, other than that, it's a great place!
Clark County is a great environment and very welcoming. My school is located in Clark County and I love the friendly people and families. Clark County rarely has any problems and the crime rate is low. Even though some occurrences happen here and there, metro police are always are on the scene of the crime in a timely manner. I would recommend Clark County to new residents of Las Vegas.
Bunch of incompetant idiots! The schools do not care about educating the kids. Every time I try to get somewhere I get the runaround. No one returns my calls.
Clark county is the suburban area of the outskirts of the bustling Las Vegas blvd strip. You can so much diversity. It has a lot residential. We have a great night life of courae being the sin city.
It is decent considering the city life. The most any one would have to complain about is the traffic from time to time. There is a complaint in the change of demographics surrounding the area with many people moving in and not enough space. The worry is going to be there with any newcomer because of the previous mass shooting in the city. The area itself is appealing, and has been alert about safety. The only negative thing so far is the roads. More people are going to find alternate routes if the roads aren't fixed and leveled ASAP.
I would like to see a change in which people and friends will feel safe for being around each other and where we stand together as a whole to make our lives better.
Las Vegas is part of the county. After the shooting, the safety has been a little questionable. However, for the amount of people that come through and for the amount of people in this county, it is quite safe. Let that help judge how Clark is.
This county is cool and has many unique things about it. Schools are clean and lunch is good. Go NSHS!
Clark County is a great place to live. I moved here from Los Angeles, CA with my fiance who received a job offer with DJJS. Shortly after moving here in April of last year, I applied for the County and landed a job. My experience as a Clark County resident has been more than great so far. Its an excellent place for family and the schools seem to be decent. My 9 year old has adjusted to the school systems here and is doing very well in school given the fact that he spent most of his time in private schools up until we moved here. There are many resources for the community and plenty of things for the public to be involved in.
Here in Nevada it isn't all hyped up as people make it seem. Living here for 15 years I can personally say I've only visited the strip about 2 and that's about the most glorious thing out here. There's nothing to do for people under 21 especially if you don't have a vechile, meaning kids tend to get into a lot of toruble trying to do "adult" things. Education isn't the greatest out here either so schools don't really keep thier kids of the streets. Besides that the climate here is extremely bipolar, one minute your wishing you can climb into a bucket of ice cold water and the next you're regretting it because out of the blue there's a storm coming.
There hasn't been a problem so far.
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Its a nice and quiet neighborhood.
People get killed a lot in my neighborhood.
It kind of sucks to live here.
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