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Big enough to have major shopping and health care, but small enough that there’s no traffic, good quality of life. As other racers have mentioned, you can know your kids teachers, principals and even the superintendent. Lenior Rhyne university in downtown Hickory’s a real jewel with a beautiful campus and high quality liberal arts education. Catawba valley medical center and Duke life point hospitals (yes, there are two hospitals) are exceptional in a variety of care offerings. World class companies are headquartered in the county (CommScope, Corning Cable Systems, Lowe’s foods, Transportation Insight). I can go from my office to Panthers game or a fantastic trout stream in less than hour. Life is good!
Living in Catawba County is a hit or miss depending on the person and how you were brought up. Families residing range from very conservative to liberal hippies. Having circulated through nine public schools within the area, I believe that that alone can tell you about the education worth. What we lack in education we make up for in athletics. What I enjoy most about Catawba County is the seemingly relentless attempt to gather the community outside. There are many parks, playgrounds, walking areas, and events happening across the county and they are heavily enjoyed by the community. What I would like to see change about Catawba County in the future would be the amount of money being put towards unnecessary “renovations” thought to attract young people and modernize the area, and see funds being put towards keeping the original layout of the area.
My experience in growing up in Catawba County is a way of knowing everybody and everybody family. We only come together when its a funeral involve. I want things to change of people hating each other and the violence. We use to come together as one and now we hating and killing each other. So it's time for a change not for me but for the people to in some communities of hate and crime to accomplish peace within the city to make it better.
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Catawba county is a very everybody knows everybody place with friendly people and neighbors. There are many nice neighborhoods to live in. Like any place there are good and bad parts but the overall experience of catawba county is very pleasant. People who visit always have a good review. People who move here often like the area. I have lived in the area my whole life and my experience with the area is an overall good one.
I have lived in Catawba County my whole life. It may be a small area but the people couldn't be closer. I love seeing everyone come together when it matters most, I love seeing people helping others, etc. This is a very friendly community and I wouldn't want to be any place else. I'm going to miss my hometown when I go off to college (I get homesick) even though there isn't much to do around here I'm sure you'll find something. But no matter where life will take me, I'll always find my way back home! One thing that I wish the community would approve upon is investing in something that can benefit a lot of people (not saying that the stuff we have now isn't beneficial) For example, a homeless shelter. It saddens my heart to see people on the street in any type of weather knowing they have no place to go. One day I wish someone would just build a big homeless shelter to get people off the street.
I have lived in Catawba for 12 years now. I love Catawba because it is so close to Lake Norman. Lake Norman is a handmade lake that areas of the lake are open to the public. At his lake you can swim, hike, bike, and ride water automobiles. This area doesn't have a lot of people like the city. This allows me to always be able to use the lake and it not be crowded.
Catawba County in North Carolina is a relatively small, close-knit community of people willing to help one another out in times of need, and get together to celebrate in times of happiness. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand at any time, and never expect anything but friendship in return.
I live outside of Catawba NC and it is the cutest little town. If you blink during your ride through town you will miss the experience of country and history. Just outside of the town is Murray's Mill. Here during the summer they have ice cream socials, tours and many craft events. So very nice, scenic walking trails.
Great city !! Quiet and everyone is friendly. Everything is well kept up and beautiful! My first neighborhood where I was actually welcomed by a church and neighbors. Moved here because I was tired of apartment living and I couldn't have made a better choice. Commute to work is 15 minutes and it's located in a beautiful city called Mooresville ! Country living with the convience of two cities at your fingertips.
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