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A small hillbilly county where there's wannabes and a alot of drugs in the ranch club.

The schools are horrible I whent to a school that almost got shot up. And drugs are vary big with prostitutes ramped.
I hope this review helped
For teens there’s not much to do. Good schools though. We don’t get many job opportunities. To do something fun travel is definitely necessary.
Calvert County is where I grew up. I can honestly say there is no place like Calvert County. The population has its moments of showing care but there are also moments where people are uncivilized. When there is a family that is in need most of the population takes them under their wing but there are always a few that belittle them for struggling. The reason I believe this is one of a kind is because I have never seen a community so kind yet obnoxious. Although, it is the kind population that stands out in Calvert County. They are the ones that support local businesses, the little league sport teams, and local schools.
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One thing I enjoy about Calvert county is that I feel I am in a safe environment. Also, as a student, I feel the school system is good. There is teachers who want to see you succeed and a lot of educational opportunities such as AP courses and the Career and Technology Academy.
Small town feel, great community. Education and sports are great here. Not super diverse. Very family friendly county.
I have grown up in this area, and have always loved it. It’s moderately close to a metro, and major shopping centers in Annapolis. The community itself is generally friendly, especially during Farmer’s Market season.
Calvert is a nice place to grow up and raise children, but when you get to your teenage years, there isn't a whole ton to do. It gets to be kind of a sleepy place, but it is still a relively pleasant place. As of now Calvert is widely conservative, so if you are liberal, you're better off not talking about politics. We don't have some resources more urban areas have (we are just getting our first Chick-Fil-A.) Overall, its a pretty nice little place.
I like how Calvert County is not very crowded, and it has numerous beautiful farms. I also enjoy how safe the county is, overall.
Theres not much to do in this small town called Calvert County, but if you like being outdoors its the place for you.
Great for families with kids. Not so much if you’re a young single person. But if you’re looking for a county with great schools and great communities away from urban living, can’t get much better than Calvert
Calvert County is a great place to raise a family. It's a small county where everyone knows each other, and the community is rather close-knit.
In calvert county I liked how close I was to everything but also not right by the city. Annapolis was about 35 minutes away, dc being about 30 as well, and Baltimore 1 hour away. Calvert county is full of fun friendly people.
Calvert is a decent place to live. You've got lots of wide open space, parks, beaches and lots of little but awesome places to hangout at. I would suggest you have a car if you live here. Travel can be an issue sometimes since we are near a navy base. The school system is awesome and the people are typically nice
Calvert County is a very proud and safe county. The county fully supports the police force and fire fighters. Medical Facilities are well maintained and customer service is very nice. As for shopping the usual smaller town shopping is to be expected. Walmart of course, home good stores there are plenty of, however are locally owned shops instead of the well known franchises. The county also has many beaches and daytime activities to offer all families.
I love the people here... yee yee houss one time... hunting, fishing, loving everyday... stuf 2 do... oh and the crime, always trying to get on live PD... #livepd... and the education is alright, the person writing this still goes.
Where I live is a very safe, theres not a lot of crime, cops are all over the place kicking butt and taking names and enforcing the law.
In the rural area that I live, there is very little crime. I feel safe whenever I go.
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Typical small county problems but more drug related arrests
It's hard being a teenager here if you don't drive.
Houses are too close and WAY overpriced.
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