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They need to fix the roads a little better and prepare more when there is going to be a snow storms and also I don’t know just your teachers in line!
More for the younger kids and the teens as far as activities. Encourage volunteering. County has a lot of needs that volunteers could help with. Fixing things up, picking up trash, etc.
I am frequently in this county but try to avoid it. Crime here is questionable, police and teachers are overworked and underpaid, and schools care about sports more than education. Thus, they don't attract good police or teachers. Strip clubs and used car lots are everywhere. People are dirty in some places. Nicest areas are west of 81 or near Jefferson County. If you have the money, move to Jefferson County. Jefferson is safer, cleaner and is more like Virginia than West Virginia.
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Berkeley County is actually bigger than people think. It lets you see different areas. You're never oblivious to your surroundings because if something happens, everyone knows.
It’s a good country to live in. The school’s are all great and care about the sports. There’s not much to do at night, but you can always find something to do.
I would like to see Berkeley County have more activities for residents and tourists to enjoy. For example, having more places to choose from to shop and eat.
All these overdoses on heroin and crime are out of control
Martinsburg has a drug problem, the people are bad, and the roads are terrible
I think this is an area we could improve on. We need to campaign against the drug issues in order to minimize crime rates.
I plan on living in the area for the rest of my life if possible. It's beautiful, the people are decent, it's cheap to live here. I love West Virginia.
it ok here, drugs are pretty bad in the area but not in my neighborhood
The housing can be improved (especially the apartments in the area). The water pressure and quality is not great.
There is nothing to do nearby unless you go downtown of across the city. The people are fairly friendly but do not interact much. Pets are very prevalent in the area.
Vandalism is definitely noticed by residents and business owners around my area. Road quality needs to be improved as well.
More shopping places would improve the perspective many people have about Martinsburg. Traffic tends to com to a complete stop or make it impossible for people on side roads to turn onto main roads. The cleanliness and quality of buildings outside of the downtown area can be improved.
Crime is not bad here but the overall maintenance of this community is not the best.
Crime is getting better and the residents are overall very friendly.
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There is a large drug epidemic going on in Martinsburg right now.
There is not a whole lot to do around this area, but it is close to other major cities.
Due to the high amount of drug use in Martinsburg, the crime rate is much higher. When illegal drugs are being used, it often drives the addict to steal or commit other crimes. I believe that the police in my area have a long agenda and they tend to focus more on the drug use. The only concerns I have about the Police Department is that they ignore certain issues such as destruction of property and car malfunctions. I often see a lot of abandoned property that doesn't appear to be tended to.
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