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I like the small town feel. I live in Wartrace a suburb of Shelbyville that’s in Bedford county. I drive a school bus in unionville, at Community schools. And I love it !!♥️♥️
If you like the country side view, no traffic or city, you will love it here in bedford county! i have lived here my whole life and i never want to move!! And the neibors are amazing! i love the southern charm here and you will to!!
Its nice quiet neighborhoods . Everyone seems to get along . And you don't meet a stranger good people !!
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The safety of this community is incredible. It is always kept very safe. Major crime is almost completely unheard of; petty crimes are more common but are still low and are always handled very well by local law enforcement. Law enforcement officers are constantly seen patrolling roadways and keeping watch over the city. They are very aware, watchful, and hands on in there careers. The area always feels secure to me personally especially in comparison to other places I have visited.
The area I currently live in is overall great. It's a small, quiet town with a generally low crime rate. The job opportunities are abundant and businesses seem to only be expanding. The communities are generally not very tightly knit in my experience, but everyone knows of everyone. Most of the residents have been here there whole lives but new people are steadily moving here. The community is generally very welcoming and aware of the new residents in my area, but it is not invasive and respects the privacy of new people. The local government is hands on and upstanding as it always has been. Home values are generally strongly upheld within the community but all ways of life are accepted. The schools are fantastic for the most part and education is taken very seriously.
There is a good amount of parks and places to be outside but sometimes they can be junky.
There is one gym in the town but other than that I don't see people exercising that often.
I'm not really sure. But the fire station is really close by and responds fast.
When it rains, it rains a lot. But other than sometimes being a bad winter, the weather is really nice.
There is a few chain restaurants but not really anything good.
Its hard finding a job with the university nearby because the students have all of the jobs at the places that I would want to work.
The stores are really odd. They sell weird things and not things that you would usually expect from normal stores. They make you think, "when would anyone need or be looking for that".
Need more parks so you can go walking
The people are somewhat nice. It's more about who you know here.
The weather here is great. It is complimentary of the seasons. We do not have extreme weather or threats of natural disasters normally.
Overall food and drink in this area consist of your typical fast food restaurants.
Housing in this area is of good quality and well kept. However in the city limits of Shelbyville there are several lower income areas that are vacant because of foreclosures and poverty.
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This is a very small community with few factory jobs and mediocre paying government office jobs and educators.
Its very small town not a lot of employment
I've had no Problems with the area store except for Christmas time no big department stores
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