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Barnwell is a very small community. The town is growing with the first African American Mayor. The school system is predominately run by very assertive and educated educators providing a quality education for all children. There are not many jobs for students who are educated and many leave to excel financially for their family. Sports dominate recreation and citizens have to leave town for other recreation for their families.
Overall, the quality of life here is average, mainly because prejudice still exist and crime is rising because of the turnover of citizens from other cities. The government continues to protect its citizens but we are looking forward to seeing major changes in our government that will invite others to help enhance this small town
Barnwell County is kinda boring because there's nothing to do down here like there's not enterainment for kids to do down here and what i would like to change is. bulid something for the kids to do something and not be bored and barely any college scholorships down here.
Barnwell is a small county that consists of three towns: Barnwell, Black-ville, and Williston. We have one Wal-mart. We have gas stations and little stores but nothing big. Barnwell does have one really good restaurant called Whitney's and also more restaurants than the other two towns. In Blackville, my favorite restaurant is their Chinese place. For Williston, I would have to say their subway. Nothing in these towns stay open too late. These towns dont have a high crime rate. The main disadvantage is you have to go out of town to have fun.
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The town of Barnwell is very small. The town contains all of your essential needs. It is very quiet and comfortable to those who like the country life style.
Barnwell county is a great place to raise children. We have a friendly atmosphere with clean streets and neighborhoods. Everyone works together to lend a helping hand.
It's a small rural town with a country feel. It's not congested and is free of a lot of the negative big cities nuisances. It's a great place to raise a family.
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