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Beautiful scenery, it is the second largest population of cherry blossom trees; next to Japan. Ohio University is a corner stone of great architecture, learning, and debates with politics. It may be in Appalachia, but the community warm, welcoming, and well knowledge.
Beautiful rolling hills, amazing local food and sustainable community, deep beautiful history. A very underappreicated part of the state.
Athens county is a gorgeous area located in southeast ohio. Located on the hocking river and in the Appalachian mountains. I love the rural/ collegied lifestyle that is around here. Great for mushroom hunters and wildlife lovers.
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Athens county is a very family welcome place with some great views. There are many places to eat that are only here in Athens and many things to celebrate. Here there are so many parades and festivals on campus for the Ohio University bobcats that you'll never get bored. There is so much diversity on campus and so many things to see. Athens is a great place to call home, everyone watches over each other to make sure they're safe and help if they are in need. You'll never find a more welcoming place.
I love Athens. The views are amazing and the people are even better. The night life in Athens, is very eventful. There is always something going on uptown. the breweries in Athens are also very nice. Jackie O's in particular has a great selection of food and beer. Definitely recommend you try it out. Another thing i really like about living in Athens is the close proximity to hocking hills. If you like hiking that is the place to go! over all Athens is an awesome place to live.
While Athens city itself is very well maintained and the schools in it are well funded, the surrounding cities are not. There is a fairly large drug issue in areas like the plains and New Marshfield, but there are nice areas as well. Traffic is never bad, although the roads are very windy and can be icy in the winter. Deer are also something to always be on the lookout for. There isn't that much to do unless you go into Athens, but it is never more than 30 minutes away if you are in Athens County.
Athens County has a rural beauty about it. The city is full of trees and many local businesses put beautiful flowers and shrubs out. You can see many unique stores uptown and of course you can stroll through the Ohio University campus. There are also a wide assortment of restaurants all over the county. Some of the uptown establishments provide regular entertainment. There are many hiking trails, a nice new pool and 2 lakes that offer swimming, camping and fishing. It is a wonderful place to visit or live no matter what age you are.
I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s a small town but we have a huge influx of college students at Ohio university. I really enjoy the local uptown scene in the summer when the students are on break.
The town its self is gorgeous, very clear and most people are happy. The campus of Ohio University is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, really quite an eye-opener.
When I first arrived to Athens, I was taken back by the landscape. Unfortunately, being a person of color I and others received micro-aggression from some of the residents. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of diversity I see in OU as well.
Progressive island in rural Ohio. Surrounding the college town of Athens are forested hills and rural areas in all directions. I haven’t found a more beautiful place.
It is a very friendly college town. Nice places outside of Athens to visit if you want quite time. Good place to raise your family.
Athens is a calm city made up of students of the Ohio University and local residents. Being an international student living in Athens for almost 3 years, I have had some experiences.
With the low cost of living, I can get fresh foods from shops at a reasonable price. City transportation is free for students and residents making it easier to move around with less stress at no cost. There are activities that bring the local residents and the student population together, which build relationships and promote harmonious living among these diverse populations. This includes farmers market, where fresh foods grown by the local residents are occasionally sold on campus and international week, where students from all over the world showcase a part of their culture in diverse ways.
One thing that I wish could change is that more measures must be put in place so that people adhere and smoke in designated areas only.
Athens is a small college town that is very safe and the people are friendly. The university students account for a large portion of the town's population.
I like Athens because it is a small beautiful town. Most of the people living in Athens are friendly. The Ohio University students in Athens are always willing to help visitors.
Athens is a beautiful little town full of culture, excitement, and life. There are groups for anyone to fit into, tons of outdoor activities to do, and great people to hang out with.
I love the small town feel of Athens, Ohio, despite it being a college campus. It has been an amazing home away from home for the past four years. The only thing it is missing is a large department store such as Kohls.
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Athens is a great area to visit. I like being able to interact with different cultures. I get to do that when I go to almost every store in the City of Athens. Rural areas have less diversity, but I like small-town living.
Athens is known to have one of the largest poverty rate in all of Ohio. Saying that, the county as a whole does some pretty amazing things to try and help their neighbors in need. I attend Ohio University, which is a high point to this town. The campus is absolutely beautiful no matter what the season and uptown is one of my favorite places to be. OU is my home away from home and I would not trade it for the world. I wouldn't suggest Athens to someone looking for a nice getaway or sight seeing, but there is so much to offer for someone looking for a nice college town.
Athens is a beautiful area for hiking, food/beer enthusiasts, and raising children; Athens is a town for EVERYONE! The winding Ohio River, Ohio University, Strouds Run State Park, and The Ridges are just perfect examples of the diverse opportunities found in this small, yet incredible town!
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