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Arlington County is one of the best counties in America for the following reasons: proximity to the nation's capital, presence of a diverse* population, burgeoning jobs and real estate, great public schools, superb local attractions.

*Note: Arlington is diverse in ethnicity but not diverse at all in political opinions; it is unsurprisingly a Democratic/liberal stronghold.
Arlington County is a very good place to grow up in. It may have some expensive housing, but it also has good job opportunities, and is amazingly welcome to people in the LGBTQ+ community, of which I am a part of.
Arlington is amazing. Close to DC, great urban planning, very safe, great schools, great neighborhoods lots of public transportation.
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I love how the neighborhood is friendly, clean, and that there are many parks. The community is also very diverse and a good place for people with pets. There are many stores and restaurants to go to.
My experience in Arlington had been just about average. It is a lively city, and is a very convenient place to live. There is an awesome metro system, but, the living prices in Arlington is almost absurd.
Great elementary schools! I love how many dogs are in my neighborhood. It is pretty safe here. House prices are ridiculously expensive though.
I have been living here for the past 19 years and I think Arlington is the best county in Virginia with the best schools and safest environment and low crime rates.
Arlington County is a nice place to live. There are movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, malls, and activities. It is a nice suburban county. Overall, it is safe and community friendly. It has three community centers, libraries, and career centers.
Arlington County is a nice place to live. There are malls, cafes, and activities, but it is a nice little suburban town, that is safe, and has nice schools.
Perfect mix of suburbs and city, currently there is a lot of construction and development going on, so things are changing quickly.
Arlington is a very safe place to live and has many things to do! Being right outside of DC, you can enjoy your suburban life while hanging around downtown. The public schools are incredible and county projects are very well funded.
Arlington county is a great place to live. Being so close to Dc makes it even better. The public schools such as Wakefield are very nice and friendly. The affordability is not that great because of how close it is to DC, but that is like any other major city. Its a very diverse place offering a lot of opportunities.
Arlington County and City offer a rich diversity of people, from all over the world, living here you can meet and get to know people from all over the world. Job opportunities can be found very easily and decent living is very easy to achieve in Arlington.
I have lived in Arlington county for twenty years. I've seen it through all of its ups and downs. The county is definitely growing and it is not going to stop growing. The education that the children of this area receive is phenomenal and the county makes sure to hire the best of the best. Although it is an expensive county it is definitely worth the investment.
Arlington County is one of those places that is in between City-Life and Suburbia. Theres places for peace and quiet and also places for exciting night life. Not only is it a comfortable place to live, it also has an abundance of nature parks and trials where one can just go exercise or relax. Everything you need is within walking commute.
I am currently a student in an Arlington County high school and have been to both elementary and middle school in Arlington. For me, the schools are great and the county really helps students get ready for advanced education. There are some really great areas in Arlington to hang out at night and the county is very safe.
Living here in Arlington means there are endless things to do. You not only have Arlington but you have Alexandria and D.C. within a few miles. D.C. is one of the most Prime areas for a job and Alexandria has a ton of Historical significance. Things tend to move pretty quickly here and if you are coming here, it is something you have to adjust to. To me, Arlington is one of the best places to live.
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What I love about Arlington County is how safe it is. It also is epidemically growing fast in just 5 years. They’ve knocked on many buildings started new innovations and are remodeling the entire county. Although change is positively inevitable I still do wish they preserved certain stores that were cherished by the community.
Arlington is an extremely diverse place to live. There are many different communities in Arlington and always something to do. The diverse population really gives way to new views on life. There are many places to eat, of all varieties, really great parks, paths, etc. Arlington is a very active area and people are always out and about. The people of Arlington are outside, a lot, and it is very inspiring and encouraging to walk to the store rather than drive.
I moved to Ballston of Arlington country last year and absolutely love it. It is close to everything we need walking distance and the plus side of it is that is it very dog friendly. We love taking our puppy to the dog park and everyone is very friendly.
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