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Allegheny County is a great place to live, with fantastic people and a beautiful atmosphere! It's clean, green, and has fantastic schools.
I like it here !! Quit safe place iv never had any problems my family lives here and Westmorland county also a great place!
City needs to improve diversity and preform renovations on neighborhoods instead of gentrification. However the county does tends to make many areas family friendly.
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I would like to see a lower crime rate. There has been a lot of shootings and robberies lately. More than usual. It feels like every year it gets worse
I have lived in Allegheny County since I was born and it has introduced me to wonderful neighbors and friends everywhere I go. Allegheny County offers everything that a community could ever want.
I love it here in Allegheny county, it’s big enough that you’ll never see a day where you don’t meet someone new and that’s what I love about it.
Allegheny Center is a great neighborhood to live in. Most resident rent. The nightlife is good; there are a lot of bars and restaurants. Many people select it because it is easy to commute, is under a mile walk from the city, which is fantastic if you work downtown or want to do other activities. Most of the people I notice is generally a young professional type. Until now I haven't had any problem regarding safety, it is a perfect spot to walk with your dog since there is a beautiful park nearby. If you love sports this place considering that the Heinz Field and PNC Park are almost in front of you.
Since moving here, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this part of Pennsylvania. The cost of living is affordable and it’s fam oriented.
I have lived here all my life. I almost never want to leave because I love my home and it is always so clean and nice.
Allegheny County is a nice place to live. There are a lot of friendly people here. The communities are small and kind to each other. Allegheny County has great place to go and hang out.
I liked high ways and how its safe and clean, in another hand, i would love to see express train connects all us states and see express train stations all around allegedly county.
Allegheny County is the County that houses Pittsburgh it is full of culture, sports, museums, and outdoor activities.
Enjoyed living in Allegheny county, overall the people there are friendly and wonderful to be around. Great Area.
Even though the crime rate is up, I still feel this area is safer than most surrounding areas. We have a great police department.
There has been an increase in drug activity and other criminal activity but it is still less than other surrounding areas. I don't regret living here and would move within this area again should I sell my present home. I feel they are working hard to get the criminal activity under control and this is still a really great area to raise a family in.
Warm summer and spring, cool fall, cold winter.
If I could, I wouldn't live here.
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It's nothing unique or extravagant.
Many people work in the city, which is a hassle.
There aren't many local shops that stay open long.
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