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Not very diverse, however I know they are looking to improve that. Overall, really cute town with really good kind hearted people living there.
I would like to see more diversity in the area. There are mostly white Americans that live in the area with little diversity.
Byron Center is a great place to live. The schools offer proper, public education to all students and are always updating to make the students more comfortable. The new updates to the high school are wonderful: creating new classrooms, a whole new floor, and expanding the whole school to moderate for the growing, new population. The teachers are great as well, passionate to teach and available to help students out when they need to. Compared to ten years ago, there is more diversity than before. There is a growing diversity in the student population.

Byron Center has many new houses being built as well. There are plenty of homes for any people that are moving into Byron Center or simply moving to a new house. New neighborhoods provide comfortable and modern housing for families. There are many friendly and large neighborhoods where everyone can live safely without worrying about crime. Byron Center, in general, has very less crime and is a safe town to live in.
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Byron Center is a growing town, with a good public school system. It is a close drive to the city of Grand Rapids, which means it is hard to be bored. The city is a great source for entertainment, since there are always events going on. There is a limited amount of diversity, meaning that the citizens of Byron Center can oftentimes be sheltered.
The area has great schools to attend. They also provide many job opportunities to teens due to the mall. Also, a variety of sports are offered and its a very friendly community with very little crime.
After living here for over a year, Byron Center has claimed a spot on my list of Michigan's snobbiest towns. Want to say hi to your neighbors? Don't bother -- prepare to be completely disregarded, or perhaps even scowled at...I seriously don't get it -- what made all of these full grown relatively successful adults so insecure? Is it the fact that all of them realize that deep down inside they are incredibly boring, vacuous individuals who have no real pursuits aside from rampant materialism and constantly jerking themselves off? It's hilarious because of these pricks here think they're wealthy, yet most of them would only be able to afford a dumpster behind a Chipotle in Los Angeles. Anyways, if you are looking for any kind of honest, sincere and genuine social connections with these xanax-addicted self-aggrandized lab rats will surely leave you disappointed. To be honest, I've met more genuine and sincere people during my last trip to Tijuana.
I've lived in Byron Center my whole life. It has always been a wonderful place and I have always enjoyed it, as I have made many many memories here. My favorite event is Byron Days, a fun but kind of small festival held at the end of July every year. There aren't many restaurants, but the local pub and grill, Pete's will always be a favorite of mine. There are many new neighborhoods going up and they are building onto the high school to make new improvements. Although I have never attended Byron Center public schools (I have gone to Catholic Schools my whole life) I have always wanted to transfer to Byron as I have heard it is a wonderful school, and I have many friends that attend there. Byron is a great place and I 20/10 recommend.... only bad thing is the alleged rape case that occurred in 2017 in the sophomore class. other than that it is a wonderful place.
I love the quaint little town of Byron Center. Byron Center is full of great schools, neighborhoods, and has the right amount of country in it. After the local Friday night football games the town will be flooded with kids eating at the known Housemans ice-cream shop. Which everyone loves. The people of Byron Center are very friendly and everything is within close proximity. A great place to go or live!
Very Nice Community with great Schools . The residents are welcoming and kind. Byron Center is rapidly growing and is perfect for new families.
I love Byron Center! Super friendly people, nice environment. I tis close enough to GR to be there quickly, but far enough out to not be too crazy. Great schools, good restaurants.
Has everything you can think of around it and many learning experiences. The public schools are amazing and the teachers at the schools make sure they're doing the best for their students. All of the people in the community are very nice and helpful.
This community is so connected and friendly. The housing is a little expensive... but otherwise this is such a nice place to live.
Byron Center is a fun little town. The best part is celebrating Byron Festival Days. There are fireworks, little carnival rides, food trucks, live music, and my favorite part the parade. You get lots of candy no matter your age. There is also the kent trails bike trail that starts in Byron that a lot of people ride. Once they reach the end they head over to the only ice cream shop in town, Housemans ice cream.
Byron Center is a happy beautiful community to live in. I grew up here most of my life and it is a wonderful place to be a part of.
Byron Center is very safe and the public school system is well known. I see a lot of people starting families here and there are lots of new parts being added to neighborhoods. This is a relatively quiet and conservative area without much diversity.
Byron Center is a fast growing suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has a quaint downtown, but is close to several shopping districts. With blue ribbon schools and a small town feel, the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The people in Byron Center are extremely friendly and selfless. However, this has not gone unnoticed. Home prices are skyrocketing as families flock to the area. The once plentiful fields and farms are giving way to more and more neighborhoods. The number of kids in each grade of the public school district is steadily rising, and the public schools value test scores over overall experience. Don't expect your child to even be introduced to a foreign language until middle school. If it's not on the standardized tests, then they don't teach it in the classroom. However, if you are looking for a safe place to live, where your family will feel welcome, and your kids will have a great education, then Byron Center is the place for you!
Byron Center was a great place to live. Went to school in the area for years and enjoyed it. Now that I'm in college, I can go back and still find people that I care about. The area is pretty peaceful with no gangs or any organised crime. However, the downside of Byron Center is that pretty much everyone is white and CRC Christian (if you view that as a downside).
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It can be really boring to live in Byron Center sometimes as there isn't a lot to do, but if you look really hard most of the time you can find something to do in close by areas. The people in Byron Center are also kind of hypocritical if they are very religious. Not all of them are, but for the most part they are.
Honestly I am not a very informed person, but from the looks of things I would say the area is pretty well secured, not much crime goes on around here.
My time in Byron Center hasn't been a very long lived one, only spanning a little over a year and a half, but all in all i'd have to say its a pretty good place to live. It can be a little expensive, but the people are nice and everything is of decent quality.
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