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I have lived in this town for almost my entire life and honestly, there isn't much I would like to see change. Overall the lifestyle in this town is very passive. The community is a very active and friendly type. One can see people always out and about with their day. The town is a small one in which almost everyone knows each other. Many of the people have had their homes here for generations. There isn't much I would change about this town, but if I had the opportunity I would add more locations so that this town could be enjoyable by newcomers and visitors.
Butler is a safe and friendly community. The people are friendly and always very helpful. Many different activities for children are offered at the library and Rec center and the summer camp program is excellent. There are many new local shops and eateries that have opened up recently and they are all very tasty. Butler is very centrally located among several other towns which allow for even more restaurant access and night life activities.
I like Butler because it is a safe beautiful place near my favorite hiking spot and state park. I loe that I can get to other places similar to this from home. Although there isn't much diversity in any sense up here, there is peacefulness, safety, community, and peace along with natural beauty. Some bears here and there make an appearance once and a while. I don't like that my particular neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks. Our roads often have pot holes, as well. I would never leave this town. It is far enough away from work that even though the commute is a hassle, it is very worth it if you work a more city like job as I did when I first moved here.
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Butler is a really friendly community and very family oriented. I truly wish the High School was bigger and more students attended.
Butler is not the greatest town for non-athletic people, especially if you're not white. The public schools are notoriously bad, and the police department isn't the greatest thing either.
I have not experiences or heard of crime in this are in my past 16 years living there.
It is a good small town area with friendly and familiar individuals, nice homes, very safe, and good location.
I lived here basically my whole life, and it's an okay town. The biggest problem is the education system, most high graduates, if they don't drop out, do go on to a four-year college. Many go to community college or straight to the work force. Drugs are also a problem in schools. Money is also mismanaged by the school, seeing as how most if their budget goes to new football equipment, when they could really use new textbooks and desks.
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