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Safe place to live. Close to good schools and also close to the city. Can get anywhere I need to go very easily and can always find something to do when staying around home.
Although it is a very spread out area, I think that the community of people still find ways to connect. I think that this area allows families to obtain the beauty of nature, while staying within a strong community of people. Twenty minutes from the City of Chicago, although Burr Ridge itself does not have an expansive night life, the city offers endless options of fun activities. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this area and think it offers a lot to an expanding family.
I liked that it was a quiet, calm place to live. The houses aren't on top of each other and there are a lot of trees!
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There isnt much crime going on aside from the occasional petty crimes
Its a great area to live and would live here for the rest of my life
no crime, some concerns with coyotes and not being able to relocate them
When I am able to move out of my parents' house, I do not plan on living in the same area. The reason is mainly because of weather however, because I want to live in a warmer climate. Besides that, the area as a whole is pretty good.
The people that live in Burr Ridge are quite boring. They seem to enjoy privatizing their life, while rarely associating themselves to the public, or familiarizing themselves to their own neighbors. The neighborhood itself is gorgeous,however, the overall happiness is low.
Police response time is good. I've never had occasion to call the fire department. I dislike our new governor's policies. Local services are mostly good, but we do need more sidewalks and more accessible transportation.
The nature around here is very nice-- but mostly accessible only by car from residential areas. There are a number of large wildlife/nature reserves open to horseback riders, mountain bikers, hikers, and runners-- and to dogs.
This is a very safe area-- people still talk about a murder there more than fifty years ago because crime is so low. There have been spates of burglaries on occasion. I feel safe running at night-- or rather, the main risk there would be getting hit by a car, not robbed or assaulted. The police are friendly to residents and very visible and responsive.
The weather varies from below zero temperatures in the winter to 90+ in the mid-late summer. Winter is long and can be intense, but varies. Summers are nice but often hot, and spring and fall are ideal.
There are a few restaurants in Burr Ridge proper, and a lot more in LaGrange/Western Springs/Hinsdale, which are easily accessed by car. Most of the restaurants in the area open at night are pretty expensive.
The area is an easy commute to Chicago (if you have a car, at least to get to the train station-- that's about 20 minutes from the main part of town, but the highway into the city is very close), so there's a much wider variety of jobs there. In the immediate area, there's primarily retail work or office jobs.
The main problem with accessing the businesses in this area is transportation. It's impossible to get around without a car. There's no library and only a small bookstore in the immediate area-- the nearest big bookstore is about 25 minutes by car. There are some clothing stores in the area, but otherwise not much. Very few independently owned businesses. Another problem is the lack of local gathering places--coffee shops, bars, etc. There's pretty much only a Starbucks and some restaurant bars.
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