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Beautiful scenery, really nice people, and extremely reasonable living expenses. Have not met one person who has been unfriendly. I think I'm going to love it here!
Burnsville is a great safe town that is amazing to raise your kids in. The only thing that is off putting about Burnsville is that it is a very conservative town.
Burnsville is a wonderful place to live and shares a rich history with most of the Western North Carolina region. The views are nothing short of majestic. The climate is mild. Residents of Yancey County are most welcoming and upbeat, even at the post office! While traditional employment might be somewhat limited, self-employment opportunities abound. For those who wish to retire in a mountain community, it doesn’t get better. The locale encourages a healthy and practical lifestyle with access to contemporary civilization or the choice to be self-sufficient.
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I love the rural "country" aspects of Burnsville and the events that bring the community together. It has beautiful scenery and a convenient layout. I would like to see change, on an individual basis, of increased respect of others' opinions. Sometimes people can be judgemental and rude.
Burnsville is where I was born and raised. There is one thing for sure, we have some breath taking scenery and being home to Mount Mitchell makes us special. The area is very small but it is a loving an beautiful little town. Everyone seems to know each other or at least a family member. We do not have the best nightlife or job opportunities, but we do welcome visitors with an open heart.
Burnsville is really a nice place but needs a Hotel. I come up from Florida and have to stay in Mars Hill. What a waste of a beautiful place. Please advertise to retired people in Florida about this place. You need someone who can help your town build , it looks like a ghost town.
Burnsville is an amazing historic town nestled in the mountains of WNC. a lot of unique restaurants to choose from and shops within walking distance. Friendly people and the most welcoming, beautiful place!
I have lived here for 46 years. I love my town and the people living here. I go on vacation occasionally, but I can't wait to get back "home". The people are friendly and helpful, and you have a feeling of safety. Restaurants are very limited, but it's only about 45 minutes travel to find a variety of places to eat.
It is a small town. It has lots of fairs dedicated to arts and crafts. It is safe and everyone is pretty friendly.
It is a great small town in the mountains. I love visiting there to see family and snow. I often go with friends for the hiking and great outdoor weather in the summer.
This is the prettyest place I've ever lived. Being a military bratt, I've lived in lots of places and western N.C. has the top rettings in my book. If you are a nature-lover, this is the place for you. There is always somewhere new to hike, bike, kayak, fish, hunt and enjoy. There are outdoor schooting ranges and many hunt for their meat. The area has an abundance of churches and even a community garden used to feed those who can't afford food. This is a town where when you walk into a local bank or store, you are probably greeted by your first name. The folks are friendly and helpful. If gardning is your thing you are in the right place. No matter where you are, it's beautiful. The
Burnsville is a beautiful mountain community, with a home town feel. The only down side is it could use more high paying jobs, and opportunities for the young people
Depending on the area in the county, house designs can range from new age to a southern plantation design. The cost is high about five hundred to seven hundred dollars a month in rent. Electricity is fair until the winter time. Many families run heaters off of kerosene which is a costly. Woodland apartments are full of drug addicts and by far the worst place to live in Burnsville
McDonald's and Burger King are top two food companies in Burnsville, most clothing stores are indeed consignment shops, and pawn shops are abundant also. Since its a small town, everybody knows one another making business fair. Finding is job in hard unless your family works there. Walmart is also a 30 min drive up a mountain which isn't convenient for snow.
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