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If you like the outdoors this area is perfect. On any given day you can explore Burney Falls State Park or even Mt. Lassen national park. There are many hiking trails to explore, including a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. Along with hiking there are places to fish, there is Hat Creek, Balm Lake, and Lake Britten near by. Many hunters also come during various hunting seasons. If none of those sound good come during the Burney Basin Days celebration, during the July 4th weekend and have some fun. The weekend is packed full of events from a pancake breakfast to a parade and fireworks show. In late August, come join the entire Intermoutain area for a good old fashioned County Fair. There are rides, animals, and exhibits to entertain for a whole weekend. As well as, concerts and a destruction derby. The area does have some times when its dull but come for the nature or one of the events and its great.
I have lived in the same community for most of my life, and while i only know a few of my neighbors personally, they are all friendly. The community offers different activities to participate in. The whole town is one big community.
There are few services. WE have a small library and a community center. Many churches also provide services for people
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There is not any public transportation. It is good however if you have a car, you can get most anywhere you need. Many places in town are also in walking distance
This is a small community, you know everybody. Well, at least it feels that way. It's a small place you are sure to find a friend or two while out. Or at least someone you've met before. The people are friendly and smile and wave, even if you don't know them.
There are only about 4 choices in town. One is McDonald's, another is Subway. There is the Black Berry Patch, a locally owned casual dining restaurant, it's nice and has good food. The 4th is Alpine, a local fast food burger place. That's about it unless you drive at least 30 min away.
The weather is really nice. We have a mild summer, with July being the warmest month. Almost every winter there is a bit of snow, remember to dress warmly even if it looks warm outside in the winter, it's probably below freezing. The spring and fall are nice but dress in layers seeing as it's cold in the mornings and evenings.
It's a small town, so mostly the crime rate is low. But there is still some, such as stealing and family disturbances. There was also a graffiti problem recently. Occasionally a larger crime will take place. Recently the sheriffs have been arresting many on the most wanted list for the county in the area. But overall i feel really safe
The neighborhood I live in is nice, the houses are somewhat cookie cutter or tract homes. Though there are other neighborhood that have fancier housing. The areas around the homes are typically well kept
There are few organized health and fitness programs
The area has both a state and national park withing 30 miles. Along with part of the Pacific Crest Trail perfect for hiking. The Lassen National Forest covers a large area around the town. Burney Falls and many surrounding lakes and rivers provide ample room for different water sports.
there are very few opportunities for anyone with more than a high school diploma. most work is manual labor
The town has many little shops that are locally owned. However, there is only one grocery store and one drug store in the area. You have to travel at least 50 min for the nearest shopping at large chain stores and for items such as clothes, furniture, computers, etc.
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